Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making A Plan

This weekend I posted on Houston Moms Blog about just how overwhelming the pace of motherhood can be.  In searching for ways to grow on the journey, I identified one way to escape the downward moody spiral in which I sometimes find myself:  Make A Plan.

A large part of my happiness as a mom depends on the smiles on the faces of two, soon to be three, little boys.  And maybe it's not just smiles. I need to feel that they are experiencing life, making memories, learning, growing together, and feeling loved.  I am guilty of putting too much pressure on myself to mold a world where this is always possible, and I'm learning to let that go. 

But I do believe that it's part of our jobs as parents, and I love being able to rise to that occasion. 

When the temperatures finally crept out of the 40s last week, The Sheriff and I introduced John to what we've named "The Little Park," and W was so proud to show his little brother the ropes. 

It was still pretty windy, so we didn't stay long, but the time spent that day felt right, and although my body was tired, and the little guy requires a great deal of supervision on the playground, I felt like I gave myself to these boys of mine, and moments like these fulfill me.

I'm not sure I will get a picture of both of them looking at me and not moving in the next few years, but they sure do love each other.

And this little guy...

We need to get to walking STAT because he is itching to catch up to that big brother of his.

These are the moments that make life sweet, and they aren't always organic. When I can't run the parenting race anymore, it's taking time for these memories that refreshes my soul.


Andie said...

so sweet! loved your post at HMB, by the way! :)

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

Wait, 3 little BOYS? Congrats, Mama!

Natalie said...

So true! And can't wait to see you running around with all your boys!

Faith Yates said...

you have such handsome little fellas! can't wait to see you with 3 boys!!!