Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Craft in An Envelope

I can't totally claim the idea; in fact, it's one I jotted down a drawing and reminder after flipping through an Oriental Trading catalog.  Finding crafts from the catalog that I can make out of materials we already have is like searching Pinterest in a way. 

When I came across the Valentine's crowns, I immediately pictured my Godchild dancing around in one. Combine that with my love of sending little bits of mail here and there to friends and family, and our Valentine's Craft in An Envelope was born. 

I couldn't leave out her siblings, of course, so after a bit more catalog searching, I put together these materials from our craft stash, grabbed and extra Christmas card envelope, and persuaded my husband to run by the post office on his lunch break to grab the right postage.


  • Colored card stock or construction paper
  • Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
  • Heart stickers or cutouts (Dollar Tree)
  • Written instructions (not pictured)
  • Scissors (I used pattern edged)


  • Cut out long strips of paper to form base of crown.
  • Cut out large paper heart to glue on front of crown.
  • Cut out a necktie shape from another piece of paper. 
  • Gather stickers (or cut out heart shapes to glue on crown/tie. 
  • Place pieces in an envelope and mail to your favorite little Valentines. 

This couldn't be any easier. We had leftover ribbon from our Hugs for Soldiers Valentine's Day crafting play date, and I included a strip to wrap around for the necktie. I wrote a quick note passing on our love, of course, but also giving simple directions for the kids to assemble their crafts.

I can't wait to see pics of all three kiddos in their accessories, and I hope this quick piece of mail offers afternoon smiles from the mailbox and a few moments of family crafting that my sweet friend did not have to prepare!

It's only Monday! You've got plenty of time to send a crafting package to some sweet littles you love!

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