Thursday, January 30, 2014

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, TEN


How is time passing so fast?!? In less than a month you will one, my boy, ONE!

I didn't pick the best day (or time of day rather) to skip big brother's afternoon nap and bring him outside to help with some picture taking. You two are really fun to watch together and no one, not even Daddy, makes you giggle the way he does. It's not all giggle, all the time, though. The toy stealing and knocking down bit shows me that you two will be brothers indeed. 

He did a great job though. I love when I asked him to "make John laugh." He knows that making silly noises in your face does the trick, but it didn't help so much to take some solo pictures. 

You do love him for sure, and you love what he loves:  things in motion, and particularly, things that fly!

It's fun living near an airport. You, Little Radar,  know the sound of an approaching aircraft and look around the skies until you spot it. And those flying machines make you so very happy. I'm certain you try to say airplane but it often comes out like "Duh" because we've caught you trying to say Dusty here and there after growing quite attached to the lovable Dusty Crophopper.

 Month 10 has brought lots of fun around here. You pull up on everything and stand by yourself for quite some time before deciding that crawling is more your style.

You will take a few lunging steps, but we are still waiting for those legs of yours to gain some confidence and take off. It's so much fun, and you will love chasing after your brother, I promise. So let's get to walking!

You say "Mama" mostly when crying, ok, only when crying but I will take it. Along with perfecting "So Big!" and clapping to your favorite song "If You are Happy and You Know It," you love to wave "Hi" and your favorite person to wave to is definitely Daddy. You make the best fake-sounding laugh when he's around especially after work. It's hilarious to watch you get his attention this way.

You are still curious as can be and do not mind crawling off into other rooms to explore according to your own agenda. I pray that I can always keep track of you, little one, and I pray this confidence and sense of wonder opens many wonderful doors in your future.

You cut a bottom molar this month and didn't really enjoy the process.  None of us did, but hey, one down, seven more to go! You are trying your hand at different table foods, but are holding fast to baby food.

We love you John Man! I am looking forward to this Spring where we will spend hours outside. Maybe you will even be doing some walking! God Bless You!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy 10 Months!
He's getting so big!