Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not Yet Letting It Go

Sweet Sheriff,

I wasn't quite ready to let the day go as I tucked you into bed tonight, but then again, I was. You certainly were. After waking almost an hour earlier than usual, having hardly wasted a minute of the day, and not napping, you were spent. I knew a meltdown was coming when you longingly mentioned it almost being bedtime at dinner. You are one, though, to not let go until required to by us or sheer exhaustion, and usually the former comes first.  I couldn't even get through a review of our day as you lay beneath your Dusty blanket before you were quietly said, "Goodnight, Momma."

Today, Son,  inspired me. Yes, it also completely exhausted me, but today lifted my spirits and gave me a beautiful vision of a future filled with more memory making with you. There will be days where it's your brother that I race in the backyard with while you are at school and even special moments with your new little brother or sister while you older ones do "big kid" things.  But today, well, it was your day.

So it's late. I should be sleeping, but I'm jotting down these memories because tomorrow will be a different day, and whether good or bad, it won't be today. And I kind of loved today.

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Andie said...

You guys are so sweet!

I love that plane wash idea... may have to borrow that one... :)