Monday, July 14, 2014

New Look (In More Ways Than One!)

J apparently played around with my little space here yesterday while I was out running errands and all three, yes all three, slept practically the entire time I was out.  He has such hard parenting duties sometimes! But hey, the guy used his time wisely and gave When In Doubt a bit of a facelift. I like it. I just better start taking some amazing pictures as they are front and center.

What better way to start than showcase our CMC (again, but hey he's cute) in his new threads from The Little Crane. Poor guy lives in hand-me-downs, and because of the way the birthdays fell,  a lot of the cutest outfits didn't seasonally work out for him. When I caught hold of some Friday sales through their Facebook page, I couldn't resist a new purchase for my sweet boy.  We headed out Saturday morning to feed the turtles and snap a few pics.

I'd say he wears it well! 

He's just one super cool kid. I told myself I would choose one or two pictures to post, but I love his personality. He's definitely one to just eat up!

We don't always have impromptu photo shoots, but when we do, we sport brightly colored imitation Crocs and a leftover Lightning McQueen knee tat.  Details.

I'm hosting a trunk show on Instagram today, featuring some back to school items from TLC. Come follow along and also be sure to check out The Little Crane on Facebook


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

LOVE that outfit! I miss the days of Ryan rocking jon jons. Although I don't think Matt does ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! And he sure is a cutie! All those turtles though!