Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Five - My Week in Five Pictures

It's been a doozy around here.


We ended last week and started this week with a much needed date night. My parents were in town, and J and I finally tried a restaurant we've had our eyes (and tastebuds) on for a while. The food was delicious and I treated myself to a bit of wine and a meal containing dairy. And do note, J did not bring the iPad; he's simply checking out their wine menu.  God must have known I needed the emotional fuel for the week to come.


 We checked out Lots of Dots from the library and explored painting outside one afternoon. This moment lasted seconds before John was looking to get into the garage and W decided he was bored.


Abram had a check-up on Monday, and W had his four year check-up on Wednesday. I go to the dr. today. Not a fan.  But how awesome is this one's waiting room selfie. I'd say he nailed it.


(I can't believe I'm putting this pitiful photo of myself out there!). And then...we were back in the doctor's office on Thursday. Little guy started with a fever on Tuesday, and we confirmed an ear infection after two sleepless nights.


Our newest member must be growing. Kiddo is eating up a storm and enjoying hanging out in the morning with his brothers.

Yea...6 photos. I know. J loves saying "hey" to Abram when he's hanging out. I can't imagine anything so cute giving me such gray hairs. "Don't press the baby's eye!" 

Here's to the weekend, my Friends! Come back Monday for a fun sale from The Little Crane


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Yay for wine and dairy - well deserved :) Hope little man feels better soon and lots of helping hands this weekend! Even supermom needs a break ;) xoxo

brownbetty said...

Next post, restaurant review, please ;) Glad you got a well-deserved night out!

Christina Krueckl said...

Love this ! Great post and love that I can see what you are up to from so far away!

Anonymous said...

aww not a pitiful selfie at all! you are beautiful even on the toughest of days! what a week you had, well wishes for everyone!

Andie said...

I don't think you look pitiful! and I am glad you are back to blogging! Have missed you!!! :)
Now I need to get back to it. haha.

Natalie said...

Aww too many doctor appts make Jenn a dull girl!