Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Eleventh Hour

Daddy:  Because you know what happens in the twelfth hour?
Momma:  What?
Daddy:  I don't know.

Yes, so we don't quite know the exact tract as you cruise your way to ONE, but we are so blessed to be on the journey. Two more molars are making their way in, so there's that. You are also getting closer to walking, and we know when you are ready you will surprise us with more than just a few steps here and there.

 I knew it would be difficult to get posed pictures of you in your month tie, but I managed a couple where you are still enough to be blur-free.

And then I had a wonderful morning behind the lens watching you just be.

You, Sweet Pea, love to make a mess. Whether pulling everything out of the kid-safe cabinet in the kitchen or emptying baskets of toys in the front room, you are all about dumping. I guess we should start working on putting things "in" when we play. 

I'm sorry we have been stuck inside so much these last few weeks. You love being outside and make a dash for the door if open. 

W and I have been singing, "How old is John? ONE!" to you are the table, and I'm fairly certain we can get you holding up one finger by your birthday. You are partial to Wyatt's version, though. Understandable.

He's your big brother who is teaching you all about aviation, after all, and you sure do love it! You love to "fly" any planes and helicopters that he will allow you to play with by holding them up in the air with a grin.

Momma loves watching you study their parts, much like Wyatt does actually. It's interesting to watch the fascination you two share with the moving parts.

The lovable Dusty Crophopper is your favorite, and Momma tries to sneak extra time for you to play with him when your brother is at school.

You two are going to have so much fun in the months to come! 

Bananas and HEB whole wheat tortillas are probably your favorite foods, with grilled fish and zucchini/carrot muffins following as a close second.

We have introduced some dairy, and you see to be doing ok. Let's hope our transition to milk goes smoothly in the next month.

I am so thankful for your sweetness, Little One. You remind me to slow down.

I am thankful for the adventure in your eyes. You, John Man, are pretty fearless.

You are precious.

You are perfect.

You are a shining gift from above, and this family is beyond blessed to call you ours.


D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

11 months??? How is that possible?! He is such a handsome little man!

Natalie said...

Look at that big boy! I can't believe he's almost one!

Gabby Malcuit said...

So ADORABLE!!! Great photos, too :)

Erin said...

Even at 11 months he's such a sweet, small chunk!