Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Writer's Delight? Writer's Dilemma

You know, you really should post on your addmoresalt blog.

*Yes, I know, but honestly, who's reading it anyway.
Come on, you know you have a secret ambition inside for this to really take off, for bloggers out there like Bakerella, A Good American Wife, Blue-eyed Bride, and even the great folks over at The Kitchn to love your work and await your updates.
*Really, who has the time for this? I'm not a professional; I have another job; and I'm not good at this.
You are not one to flake out on your own endeavors, you know.
*Do you know me at all? I'm a dreamer. I will put it on a list of "Things To Do in Life" and believe the heck out of it. That doesn't mean I take it on. (Or that I "flake out" I might add; it's still there, just dormant.)
Enough of this dancing around. Get over yourself, your fears, your "I don't have time for this," and put your best self out there on what your best blog attempt. Write something already.

Ok, ok, so this is how I feel this morning after checking out several new blogs around this world wide web we've created. Unfortunately (with perhaps some fine fort
une to shine though in the future), I came across The Mighty Girl whose book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog ate my breakfast. Thus my internal conversation above. I can't hep but feel like an idiot with nothing really to say that anyone except my very best friends who will support me beyond my imagination will actually give a moment's care about.

Yet, I can't imagine that I'm the only one to ever feel this way either. Perhaps this is how Mason envisioned her first book. Perhaps she was simply tired of reading crap.

Here's my solution. Settling is for the Pilgrims. I am going to check out your work Ms. Mason and take any advice I like and leave the rest. Postings to follow.

I can sit around, stare at the screen, jump from url to url and compare myself to people I don't even know in real life and feel inadequate, or I can take this same path and not envy the talents around me, but learn from them and add their achievements to the workings of my own voice.

Moral of the story: writing must be embraced with determination to battle the dilemma seeking to overshadow that which is designed to be delightful.

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Michelle said...

I'd read your blog even if I didn't love you so much, my writer friend.