Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meerkat Madness 365

Approximately Sunday, January 24

Dad: Did you get a package yet for your birthday?
CC: No, nothing came.
Dad: Well you should have. I paid the extra shipping and handling so it would get there in two days, and you should have gotten something by Thursday. It's a box, and it has three separate things in it.
CC: Hmmm...nope nothing. I'll be looking for it though. (In the meantime thinking, "Three separate things? What could it be?")

I didn't have to wait long. Monday afternoon brought my birthday surprise, and who would have imagined---meerkats!

I couldn't imagine why Dad would send meerkats; I couldn't imagine where these little guys came from, but here they were, ready to spice up our lives a bit. Later I asked, "Why meerkats?" thinking there was some inside fascination/movie line/joke/hip new meerkat trend with which I was unfamiliar. Nope. "I just like them," he replied.

So I asked myself, "Self, what does one do with a family of meerkats?" Turns out the answer was not so distant--Meerkat 365. I don't know the origins of Project 365, but the idea popped into my head this summer to give it a shot. I even have a draft post dedicated to the photography diary, yet as it turns out, I'm not so great with commitment to projects. Today, I turn over a new leaf and underneath that foliage--Meerkat 365!

Hear me out on this. Just Google it--meerkat project 365. It hasn't been done. I'm on to genius, people! I'll be the next blogging superstar. I'll be a www diva! I'll be...

ok, the same girl whose co-workers laugh at my blogger name and whose followers include only her husband, close friends, and family. Yet, I'll be a blogger committed to a cause, and that cause--spreading meerkat love globally. Yes, globally (or at least the bi-state area).

Admittedly, I hatched the idea almost instantly after receiving this gift; however, in CC fashion, have not kept up with my picture-taking. Posting today will hopefully be the drive I need to be successful. In the meantime, here's where my new friends have been up to lately:

What's that Meerkat? You want your family to star in my Project 365? Name is Meerkat 365? Ok! (Actually, this is just an iPhone pic to email to Dad.)

Is that a meerkat in your purse? Why yes, thanks for playing. The family has to get used to this. My life is hardly set at home, so they better get used to lots of traveling. You never know when a Meerkat 365 moment might occur.

Hey Mamma, that's a big ICEE you have there. Well, what can I say? This preggers craves ICEEs; it's a weekend ritual at this point. The next picture is actually them posed with Cowboy's Bloody Mary. Yea, I don't get those any more, so an ICEE I'll take!

The first restaurant trip for this little mkat. We finally returned to Sandy McGee's, a Richmond classic. If I hosted Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, they'd make my list. Check it out--spinach, purple onion, bacon, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese tossed in a homemade honey mustard dressing. It's the yum!

Momma mkat (name coming soon) helped to prepare for my dear friend Suzanne's baby shower. Don't let her take credit for the baby toys as wrapping accents; they're my idea.

All ready to ride to Lake Charles for said baby shower. Come on, little lady, put your seat belt on!

I gave DJ rights to Momma mkat for the ride, and she chose to peruse the cheeseburger in paradise CD holder (another gift from Dad), finding Dad Mix #1 to make the ride a bit more enjoyable. Unfortunately, she scratched my CD while getting it out, and my favorite song on this classic Dad mix, Van Morrison's "Cleaning Windows" was ruined in the process. If you're reading Dad, care to make another?
The shower was a huge hit with gracious hosts, more delicious food than you could imagine, presents galore for the new baby girl, and a beautiful couple about to be first time parents. All of the girls from our annual "Girls Trip" were able to make it, and I even met April's new little one Max.
However, Momma mkat proved to be a poor road trip buddy. Can you believe she fell asleep on the way home? So much for company!

I brought Baby mkat, now named Albert (Al for short) by my students, to school and actually let some of them take him for the weekend. Apparently he was driving (he doesn't even have a license!) and attended the boys volleyball tournament.

And finally, all geared up for the big game, Poppa mkat cheered alongside the Who Dat Nation as the Saints played their way to their first ever Super Bowl victory.

Stay tuned for the meerkat adventures to come. My goal is twofold--actually take the picture daily and blog weekly. Did someone say Meerkat Mondays? I like the sound of it.


Suzanne said...

Hahaha! You are hilarious! You know, Momma Mkat didn't have to stay in the car for the shower; she was welcome to join us for the festivities. ;) I can't wait to see where the adventures of Meerkat 365 will take ya'll! And I am so so so happy that my shower made the list! I LOVED having you there :)

Team Wallace said...

Love the pictures and you inspired me to post a blog which includes a picture of Twinkle taking her meerkat on a walk :)