Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meerkat Mon--err--Wednesday

While I see Project 365 as a form of daily journaling, I'm going to have to do something a little different in terms of organizing and labeling my meer-shots. I can't seem to remember sometimes which pictures accompanies which day of the week. Plus, I think this week I forgot a day (or maybe two). Ooopps.

Tuesday night Darius Rucker rocked (as best he could) this "easy listening" crowd, and although the meer-fam couldn't attend, we brought home pictures and a small video from the show. Unfortunately, the fried Oreos did not make it to a to-go box.

Our photo efforts were nothing, though, compared to the flashy cowgirl in front of us with her stalker-esque, professional grade camera shooting no less than 300 shots throughout the hour long concert. What one does with Hootie up close and personal, I'll never know.

Don't worry about the mkats, my friends. While I couldn't wear my beloved cowboy boots as they didn't seem to work with any of my maternity jeans, the meerkats sure could. I came home to find this sight:

Looks like they had some rodeo action of their own!

On Wednesday I finally changed our beta Gerard's water. while Momma Mkat watched attentively a' la Life of Pi as the meerkats surround the pond of dead fish. Poor G--he's been holding on since last Spring semester when some students brought him to our classroom. Now he's the son to my husband who calls himself Gerard's "single-father," yet secretly hopes he dies. Oh the horror! Say it ain't so!

If Momma Mkat has anything to do with it, the fish won't live to the ripe old age of 2. Heck, he's a beta; he might not live that long anyway.

When you feel the need to bake, grab it by rolling pin and by all means, make some scones!

Al made quite the mess, but it was nothing that a few squirts of 409 Granite Counter Cleaner (my favorite but so hard to find!) and a nice wiping down couldn't cure. The kitchen was back to a state or normalcy in no time.

Friday's temperature? Looks like Spring! Sometimes I wonder if my husband is plotting with the meerkats to put KPRC Channel 2 Houston weather out of a job. Below Momma Mkat admires our latest bathroom gadget that tells not only the time, my friends, but weather both inside and outside the house. Not enough for you? How about the phases of the moon? Beat that Super Doppler 2000 and late!

Saturday brought Spring-y goodness and a chance to show off another weather station must-have, the weather stick. High-tech as it is, one must be trained in reading and analyzing its output, but I will give you a quick lesson. Stick is up, it'll be a beautiful day. Stick down, look for rain and humidity. It's complicated but with enough practice, you too can be a skilled weather stick reader.

Cowboy picked up the crib and dresser; we shredded over 3 garbage bags full of documents; and I shuffled bins of storage items from room to closet to closet to make room for Little Loupe. Some call it nesting. I call it part of my ongoing Project De-clutter, a lifelong pursuit.

The weather was great to open the windows (see stick curvature below) and after a day full of Spring cleaning, we welcomed outdoor cooking season with grilled pork burgers.

Sunday's picture escapes me, probably due to the Internet outage that continued to Monday and the picture below. Not that one needs the world wide web to capture life's greatest moments in the eyes of meerkats, but I was distracted anyhow. As noted, Monday left me with no Internet and no way to share the meerkat week with my slim audience of followers. I thought the mkats would be inconsolable and devastated in their grief, but boy was I wrong. With a gorgeous day, we instead finished reading The Postmistress while tanning outside and yummed it up with a copycat Panera Bread Fuji Apple Chicken Salad for supper.

*Note--I do not participate in the activities listed in this blog with the meerkats. That would be weird. Instead I simply talk about them that way. Thanks, The Management

When Poppa Mkat's away, the kids will play! Poppa Meerkat is at school watching over the classroom while we're on Spring Break. Al managed to covertly find his way into icebox to see what my husband would do when he came home and found him. He's been watching too many ninja videos.

Anticlimactic it turns out--nothing. No comment. No shock value. Not even making fun of me for my meerkat weirdness. Nothing.

But, hey, check out that healthy looking stock!

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