Monday, March 8, 2010

Meerkat Monday

Embarking on this meerkat adventure has led me to the conclusion that taking just one picture to capture and represent each day simply isn't enough. Luckily, I get to "make up" for a few days last week since I actually began the meerkat adventure midweek. Just a warning, future Meerkat Mondays may or may not include more than one picture per day. I'm just saying....

Albert's (Al's) HCHS adventures came to a close last week when I decided I'd bring Poppa mkat up to school to A) inherit a name and B) see the place where and people with which his son has been hanging out recently. Al posed for a quick shot with the classroom's other "stuffed" friends before leaving. He was becoming quite attached to Shakespeare, and I've heard since walking around working on his lady moves, quoting, "Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night." Oh, young meerkat love. *sigh*

Thursday evening began with some baking, and before leaving for HCHS on Friday, Poppa mkat helped prepare Dark Chocolate Chip Scones. He's not much of a baker but mostly sticks around to lick the bowl and taste for "quality control."
I warned him of the dangers of animals and chocolate. He turned out ok nevertheless. He poses below with the groceries I bought at the store before arriving home. Hopefully the pregnant belly gave it away, but if not, the poor check-out boy must have been thinking, "Time of the month much?"

We made quite the mess, but by the time the scones were ready to come out of the oven (mistakenly sans salt!) the kitchen was pristine.

It's finally here! No, not Spring and the end of the brutal Houston winter (yes, it happened; check out Chenoland) we suffered this year, but crawfish season, my friends. Al's dazed look of realization that he actually gets to partake in such culinary joy not only mirrors that of his owners but also foreshadows the stupor he was in once he was done eating. Yum.

My personal Saturday and Sunday activities are best summed up by the following image:

Why might a meerkat pose in front of this blue square? Funny you should ask. Last summer I painted several rooms in the house, and in professional decorator fashion, painted a splotch on the wall to "test" the color in various lights. Yes, in my head I truly thought I'd see something profound in the small office within which the wall resides. Yes, in my head I thought I might change my mind on the color and choose another just a "frog's skin" different in shade. Who was I kidding? Myself.

Months later and a blue square on the wall keeping me from both using the office and opening the blinds in the front of the house, thus avoiding embarrassment, Al and I decided to tackle this project, and two days, a gallon of paint, and a couple rolls of painter's tape later, it's done! The family will pose once the furniture is all back in place.

While I was up and down a ladder (yes, Shelly, I was careful!), Momma mkat worked with Cajun Cowboy to prepare for the P.E. "Wait a second," you're thinking. "That doesn't look like a game of four-square, and why's he wearing an engineer's uniform and not awkwardly short gym shorts?" Cajun Cowboy is taking the Professional Engineer's test next month, and unfortunately for him, that means studying. Luckily, Momma mkat knows a great deal about the cut and sum method to find forces in a truss; however, once stuck, she did have to look back in confusion and say, "I don't know. You're the engineer, bro (pronounced "bruh")!"

Finally, our family of mkats was so excited to receive an email from the my father, the Cardinal of Song, whose own meerkats had some adventures of their own. First cousins, these mkats are a bit riskier than ours that reside in the 'burbs out here in Texas. While ours face such obstacles as neighborhood codes regulating garage sales and gardens alike and harassment from our hipster friends living inside the Loop, their kin in LA find themselves posed deep in the waters of gator feeding.

See the raw chicken. Watch your back, guys. I see a ripple in the water!

Stay tuned. Another week--another meerkat journey!

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