Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meerkat Monday

We spent a great weekend watching a little March Madness and visiting with our favorite Michigan friends, those of the "Pinch of Salt" variety. Monday was back to school, but come Tuesday, "You've got mail!" That's right, ladies and gents--a package! I love receiving packages; it doesn't matter what's inside (hopefully a new outfit I ordered or a "happy" from a friend).
No meerkats were steamed, boiled, burned, cooked, or harmed in any manner during this shoot.
By Tuesday I was ready to hit the kitchen, and this week's dishes, although I lack my own food porn to prove it, turned out to be winners. I went with Spinach Bacon Penne Pasta (substituting whole wheat pasta for a healthy kick) and Tilapia with Tomatoes and Onions and a side of steamed broccoli with cheese. The next time we give these two a whirl, I'll have to make sure the lighting is good and ready and the dishes are ready for their close up.

When I came home Wednesday I noticed the paper towel holder was unfolded enough to display its cheesy message "Home Sweet Home." It's the little things that should catch our eye and remind us of what's important in life and how blessed we truly are. Momma Mkat thought so too.
Thursday I actually decided to randomly and quickly make my bed before leaving for work. Al must somehow have some of Cajun Cowboy's blood. He loved that everything was in its place (sort of). I really could do it every day. Maybe I'll make it a goal today. Let's see what tomorrow morning brings.

On Friday our favorite fiery Cajun friend from
LA came to visit. Al accompanied us to dinner at Beaver's where the waitress did not find it weird that we were taking pictures with an inanimate object but told us the fact that it was a meerkat was strange. We weren't offended. Not everyone's ready for a meerkat integration.
Al was simply happy nom-nomming on some fried pickles and cider (courtesy of Shelly). He was simply happy the place was called Beaver's and not Meerkat's.

On Saturday we attended the Bayou City Arts Festival at Memorial Park and browsed through paintings, photographs, sculptures, and various other original pieces that we could never afford. Al took this picture as warning to his cousins in LA. He's worried about their "living on the edge" while literally living on the edge of RJ's pond.

Sunday was so nice out that we decided to once again hit the grill. Cajun Cowboy pumped out some Spicy Chicken Thighs courtesy of The Kitchn, and we did indeed eat them with a side of Ruffles potato chips; however we "healthified" them with a spinach salad. It's all about balance right?

Follow the recipe on the link above but here are the easy steps. First, blend your marinade:

Next, after hitting chicken thighs with salt and pepper, coat chicken thighs with marinade:
Finally, serve with "balanced" sides:

Shelly left Sunday but left us with the classic Easter Bunny picture with my Godchild. What a cutie! When I came home Monday, though, Momma Mkat was ready to start a movement. There's the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and the Tooth Fairy. Where's a holiday starring meerkats? What's a meerkat gotta do to get somewhere in this world?!?!

She got me thinking and perhaps the Bayou City Art Festival inspired me. What if I start a collection of meerkat prints? I see fame coming my way! I call this first shot--Meerkat on a Bed of Carrots. At full value, it would be $2300.00, but since it's a work in progress (perhaps the lighting needs a bit of adjusting and the focus more clearly set), I will sell it to you for a discounted price. Leave your name and number under comments.
(Actually, these are for carrot soup courtesy of Tales from Chenoland. Check it out!)

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