Thursday, August 19, 2010

Listy List -- 5 Newbies about Me

1. I like writing to-do lists for the sheer joy of scratching out completed tasks. C. Cowboy doesn't seem to understand why I won't use the computer's calendar of the iMac's "stickies." There is no scratching this way. No scratch-outs = No joy!
2. Said list often includes "clean out email inboxes" which includes facebook. I'm horrible about messaging people back through that feature.
3. I dream of traveling and adventure. I need to take action on these.
4. I care way too much about how others view me and my jobs/activities. (That one's deep!)
5. I have a secret crush on Jamie Deen. I guess it's not so secret anymore.

But we've both got great families (plus he's a Georgia fan!)


Miss E said...

Love your blog, especially the title! I agree that everything is better with salt :)

Team Wallace said...

Come to Savannah! We have seen Jamie at our grocery store (Twinkle was flirting with his son) and Paula frequents my favorite bakery.

Cajun Cowgirl said...

So jealous of Twinkle!!!

Thanks Miss E! Glad to have "met" you through Erin!