Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mommy and Daddy Gems

It's been 2 months since our Wyatt has come into our lives. I NEED to do a "this is what you do" post for the kiddo, but first I will suggest these Must Haves for New Moms:

1. First get yourself a yoga/exercise ball from your local Target, Walmart, Academy, whatever! Apparently you can bounce on these to help the baby drop before delivery. (Wyatt wasn't going anywhere!) However, more importantly, sometimes NOTHING soothes baby better than bouncing up and down on this guy. The kiddo loves it, and I've heard the same from many other mommies. It's supposedly a lifesaver for colicky babies.

2. While at Walmart (because that's the place I've seen it sold in stores) pick up Jewel's Lullaby CD. There is something about her voice that seems so soothing to babies (and mommies alike!). It's sweet, calming, and she takes on a few classics as well as includes some of her originals. Combine this CD with your bath time and bedtime routine and you're golden!

3. After listening to such a beautiful sound, there is no better way to put your little one to bed than with the sweet sound of your own voice reading a book. We were given this book as a shower gift (a family tradition from my step-mom Pam) and it is the most wonderful way to remind yourself and baby at the end of the day how precious his/her little life is. You will cry the first time you read it if you wait until after baby is born.

3. If your baby needs some extra comfort and you don't want to leave your hands on him/her all night (yes, tempting, but you need sleep) try the Zaky.  Wyatt doesn't necessarily like it on top of him as he's always been strong enough to kick it off, but he does cuddle with it and it can be used to prop a pacifier in the baby's mouth for a nap if needed. Just keep an eye on him.

4. Babies get upset tummies, and it breaks your heart. My doctor suggested Gripe Water, and some days it has been our saving grace. Wyatt seems to love the taste (especially of the one below) and it brings him comfort and rest (which means you get rest!)

5. Babies poop! A LOT! To keep that sweet bottom nice and soft my doctor suggested baby vaseline on a daily basis. You can use regular, but this smells so sweet. Then use your diaper rash cream for when a rash might flare up.

6. Finally, get yourself a Boppy, not for breastfeeding but baby sitting. It makes a comfy recliner and helps with picture taking as well.

What parental gems do you know of?


Team Wallace said...

Sleep Sheep!!! We are buying a second one for the new petite. Also, take time out to shower every day, simple but will make you feel so much better. Never tried the exercise ball to calm the baby, but will definitely give it a go! Love the pictures of Wyatt, keep them coming!!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i love you and your crazy blog that's emailing me all day! :)

Suzanne said...

Haha, it's emailing me, too! I thought I did something crazy!