Sunday, January 23, 2011

ESPNW's Blinging Endorsement for Professional Women

I applaud you ESNPW for your article highlighting the Steelers' orthopedist Dr. Robin West.  I have mixed feelings about the fact that  EVERYONE connected to the team receives a Super Bowl ring upon winning. It does take more than the 50-some-odd man roster, practice squad, coaching staff, and front office to make the machine run. Somebody does laundry, plans meals (at least for the Texans), books flights/hotels, orders supplies, does X-rays, helps the guys to stretch, etc. But on the other hand, do the perks reach out that far in all fields? I guess in other fields, though, there is no bliggity bling when the goal is achieved. For example, when a school becomes "recommended" or whatever in-the-moment term someone in govt. decides to deem it when it hits the test score mark, no one is handing out shiny accessories.

Maybe it's silly to make that comparison. Either way, thanks ESPNW. Let's keep showing our daughters, nieces, students, young women, just how far they can reach!

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