Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing Grandmothers Rock!

 I love my mom. She's a real life Wonder Woman, and I'm loving learning more about her as a grandmother. Check out The Sheriff with his Mamie Jewels!

Not only is she just so loving and fun with him, but she seems to LOVE sewing for him and his cousin. She's got two little grandsons (so far) but it's not keeping her from making fun things.

Which is WHY I'd love to help her win this!  She's a hard worker, plays (and prays!) with the best of them, and is so deserving of this cutting machine bundle. Come on Mamie Jewels! Win! Win! Win!

I'm in this for two reason:
A) The Sheriff will get some great stuff out the deal!)
B) But mostly, I want her to have great fun playing with her new sewing toy!

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