Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Fun

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea. 


Outside my window... it's windy!

I can't wait to ...see my pitos on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It's been way too long since I've seen my girls and their petites!

I am listening to... Eminem's "I Need a Doctor." Oh, and I discovered I love Pandora's Kid's Radio channel. I can't wait for The Sheriff to sing and dance along with me.

I am wearing... workout clothes. I will run today. I will run today.

I am loving... anything to do with hummus. I could probably eat it with a spoon at this point. I should start making my own; that stuff isn't cheap!

I appreciate... cereal boxes! The Sheriff loves playing with them.

From the kitchen...Doing simple Oscar appetizers for dinner tonight, and by simple, I mean SIMPLE! We will probably have some cocktail shrimp (thank you HEB), cheese, bread, and maybe some salsa for good measure. One of these things is not like the other! Maybe I'll try some bruschetta instead!

I am proud... of my patience lately. I haven't been perfect, but much improved. 

One of my favorite things (this weekend) ...the Dollar Store! AND the way The Sheriff laughs at me when I dance around second-line style with a towel to "Carnival Time" to wipe his face after eating.

I am grateful...that God loves us even when we fail. 

I am thinking about... packing for our LA trip.

What I dreamed this week ... last night was about feeding Wyatt. I was having a mild panic attack before bed that he wasn't getting enough or the right stuff or a variety of foods fast enough.

I am praying...for the good fight. Still.

Shrimp... got a B- for his Church performance today. It wasn't until the Consecration that he went all Chatty Charlie on us.

What I realized... I am a micromanaging Momma! (Sorry Cowboy)

Planning for the weekend.. It's almost over! So let's recap then. My weekend started Wednesday night with our first book club meeting, and by meeting I mean party. Appetizers were abundant and the wine, well, we all brought some! BUT, we did discuss the book The Surrendered. It wasn't my favorite read, but interesting, and made for some good discussion about one's past and how that affects the present.  Thursday night I went with the neighborhood ladies to a pajama party charity event.  This is the first year we've gone and didn't know what to expect, but with our matching leopard bottoms and hot pink shirts, we pranced on in there, enjoyed some good company and good wine, and a few indulgences along the way. I wish I had pics!

Thankfully Cowboy took on the babysitting trifecta with style as I continued my social escapade Friday night and met some LA girls for dinner and chocolate. Can't beat it! We didn't take any pictures there either. What's wrong with us?

A picture thought I am sharing...

Hoping this saves my dry lips!

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