Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fun (Real Quicklike Ok?)

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for passing this along. Let's see if I can knock out this post before The Sheriff wakes!


Outside my window... Hot. Enough said. Can't go outside for a minute without sweating. It's only May. Ok, enough complaining. The sun is shining; the grass is green; the patio fans will be blowing; the white wine or ritas will be flowing; it will be a great summer!

I am wondering... if Cowboy changed my blog fonts???? 

I just bought... a cuu---ute summer dress from Target! See!!! See!!!

I am wearing... said summer dress. 

I am loving... when I can use "said" as in "said summer dress" and "sans." This is a terrible love. Terrible. 

I appreciate... my blogger friends who make me laugh, give me great artsy craftsy ideas, and offer complete GREAT wastes uses of Sheriff's naptimes (yes, should be folding clothes, working out, cleaning the kitchen)! And I love you too, Google Reader, who makes it all possible!

From the kitchen... can you say muffins? Stay tuned this Tuesday! 

One of my favorite people... My momma! Thanks for listening to me (and in the future too!) talk about how the world is ending because the little guy had a tummy bug. You never made me feel bad for being new at this mommy thing.

I am grateful... for a three day weekend! 

I am thinking about... the chore it will be to go through my inbox this afternoon/tomorrow/Sunday/it-better-be-done-by-Monday, and answering, deleting, or archiving emails.

I am praying...for Joplin families! 

Shrimp... has busted out some new dance moves. I will have to capture these on video and try to put up soon. 

Planning for the weekend.. The Sheriff, the pool, the Cowboy, the oven, the grill, the neighbors, the ducks, some crawfish and friends, and three days with ye ole fam fam. 

But more importantly, remembering our veterans and praying for our current troops and their families for God's protection, blessings, and peace as they make the greatest sacrifice. 

Two picture thoughts I am sharing...
#suburb winning -- cart dodged

Have a wonderful weekend!


James & Tiffani said...

I bought that exact same dress a few weeks back for Easter. Cute!

Nicole said...

Love the dress. I bought two new shirts for me today, two swim cover-ups and of course, a new outfit for Baby Z.

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Sounds like you are ready for beach vacay Nicole! No wonder Target took an hour! ;)