Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad --The Most Interesting Variety

The news media often show up just to see his man cave. 
Alligators roll over, play dead, and "shake" when he walks out the door.
His voice is so alluring, the Pope himself invited him to sing at the Vatican. 
He taught an alligator to read his email for him.
If you were to fb message him without a computer, it would get there. 
His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry metal fishing bait.
He never says anything tastes like chicken (stew), even chicken (stew). 
He is the final piece of the puzzle he's never put together. 
His beard alone is listed on the do-not-call registry.
His presence alone makes coffee shop attendees spit out their vanilla lattes.
Father's Day called to wish him a happy day.
His legend precedes him the way chips and salsa precede fajitas.
As a toddler, he taught others to fish. 
His bayou-jumper still has that new boat smell.
You can see his charisma, from the Internet.

(Thanks Dos Equis!)

Stay thirsty my friends! Happy Father's Day to the Most Interesting Dad and Grandpa around! 

By the way, The Sheriff has taken quite a liking to pointing you out in pictures/photo books.

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