Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Days It's All About Priorities

For example, Thursday.

The Sheriff had some overnight issues which I'll blame on teething. It's always teething's fault. But seriously, that last molar might be making its grand entrance.
So we enjoyed some quality time together that night and early Thursday morning.

But on the agenda: The Children's Museum and skipping our morning nap which I normally wouldn't worry about, but with the lack of sleep and possible teething, it could have been the perfect storm.

It wasn't. We had a great time! The Sheriff even had his first overpriced chicken nugget meal. Don't worry; his broccoli and cauliflower came along. And peas!

Back to those priorities.
He fell asleep in the car on the way home, and while he slept, time to jump right on first-things-first. Thursday, that meant blogging, and reading blogs, and eating apple slices with peanut butter, and catching up on reality tv, and jumping back into my current novel.

There were dishes and bottles to be washed, toys to pick up, areas of the house to Sheriff-proof so he has more room to roam and explore, clothes to put away. Thursday, priorities were to take a few minutes of me time. I didn't feel selfish. Dishes will get washed; the list will get done. But I needed the time to recharge. And when The Sheriff woke, it was great to throw myself into playtime with all my energy and focus instead of with a nagging inside feeling that I wanted to relax for just a bit.


Natalie said...

Hey you've got to recharge those batteries!

Lindsey said...

Good priorities. When naptime hits, I tend to jump to the cleaning/laundry/dishes/pick up/etc without remembering that I need me time too or I'll burn out!

Megan said...

just found your blog. I am an LSU girl living in Houston also!

the workaholic momma said...

you are so right....I often find myself blogging next to a pile of laundry that needs to be folded but I figure I've got the rest of my life for that...haha! Hope you're having a great week:)

Katie said...

Hi, I am am following your blog from the Houston group. I am so excited you are joining, now I'm not the only Mom! Can't wait to meet you Sunday!