Thursday, July 14, 2011

TV Talk

I've hit the link-ups jackpot this week and actually got my posts fired out on time and threw in a couple of randoms. I'll take it.

Anyway, today I wanted to jump in with to talk about some TV! Turns out, it doesn't seem that A Complete Waste of Makeup is linking today!

Boob Tube Babble

So I'm babbling with myself, and you sweet reader.

Big Brother
Was Rachel wearing an "I Love My Hubby" shirt on Sunday? You aren't married. Yet, I know. So save the shirt. How does Brendan deal with her?
Regulators? Love the song, hate the newbie group name.
Am I sad to see Evil Dick go? No. Do I hope he's ok? Yes. It will be interesting to see how things turn out with Daniele and her golden key. I do love the Willy Wonka references.
Jeff and Jordan make me happy. Rachel seriously kicks butt in competitions.
Adam has got to stop yelling.

So You Think You Can Dance -- My girl Clarissa kicked some serious tail tonight. I've liked her from the beginning, and I'm glad she's not overshadowed by Melanie and Ryan.
Thankfully, the judges are offering some criticism. Producers must have told them so, right? They were quite harsh tonight, and I liked it. Yes, all of the dancers are amazing, but it's a contest. Some perform above the bar and some barely reach it. It's time that it's said.

Women's World Cup (USA games) -- What can I say? If you haven't watched, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I really an American?" Of course I'm kidding; don't get your panties in a bunch. The games have just been exciting and inspiring and quite nostalgic for me. I watched back in 1999 with the same goosebumps and dreams that I happy young girls today get to experience.

RW/RR Challenge -- The competitions on this show bore me. I usually fast forward through. I just get annoyed with the competitors (mostly girls right?) who chicken out about these high challenges. Come on! You know what the show is about!
I have missed CT. He has changed. I think. We'll see. I don't like him and Mandy together though.
I really like the name Cara Maria. I don't think Cowboy would go for it though.
Living in that house would just kill me. Too many egos in one small space.

Don't worry; there are more shows that reality tv on my DVR. We just haven't gotten to them yet. Next up--True Blood.

What I can't wait for:
Up All Night -- What can I say? We can relate. Thankfully we are past that stage, but we are definitely close enough to appreciate the new parent humor.
Game of Thrones -- I think it's a while before the season starts again.
Entourage (final season with the boys!)

So there's me. Linking up with...myself. How about you? Whatcha watching?

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