Monday, August 8, 2011

Bookmarked. Starred. Labeled. But Not Made.

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I'm a chronic "I'll make this later" recipe saver! One of my NY resolutions this year is to make a cookbook recipe once a week. I hit a few, and I definitely need to get back on this. But I might need to change it up a bit. It's time to knock out some of the hundreds of recipes that I've digitally cataloged in hopes of getting to at some point.

 I have started a bookmark folder called "Recipe Collection" for those keepers I've stumbled upon. I'm super excited, though, because Meg over at O. is Me introduced me to Tastebook where I can catalog and eventually print a cookbook and additional pages. Project is a-brewin in my head!

So what do I need to cook soon? I promise that in the next 2 weeks (a long time yes, but these things just sometimes get lost in the mix), I will make one recipe I've starred on my GR, one I've bookmarked, one I've pinned, and one I've labeled in my gmail. Pressure! Maybe I should just make some 4 course meal and knock it out in one shot!

Here we go...

Starred -- I'm taking on two in this category. Why? Well, who can have zucchini fries without something to dip these joyous nuggets in? And this Creamy Jalapeno Ranch looks like it's full of awesome!

Bookmarked -- Everyone needs a little dessert here and there. S'mores Cookie Bars it is!

Pinned -- The need for a side will inevitably pop up, so let's carb it up with these ranch potatoes and keep fingers crossed that The Sheriff has inherited his parents' love of all things ranch.

Labeled -- From my gmail folder for "recipes," I've got this pizza from Pioneer Woman. My girl Shelly rec'd it, so I've got to give it a shot.

And now it's your job to hold me accountable. You don't see a recap in the next two weeks, you contact me and let me know. Deal? Deal.

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