Monday, August 1, 2011

Bottle Weaning Week 1

It's time. Bottles have got to go. Got myself in gear and all ready to man-up to whatever fit happens.

And then...someone decides it's time for a new molar complete with crud-stuffed nose, a tiny bit of fever, and even one night of losing his grits. Literally. Well, it wasn't grits, but I'll spare the details. Maybe it's a virus; maybe it's just the dang tooth.
Regardless, he's not eating properly. And guess who doesn't plan on forcing it after the clean-up Tuesday night????


So there goes bottle weaning. For now. It's kinda all he wants. So we'll keep calm and bottle on for now and shoot for next week sometime.

And I think we are at a challenging phase. Poor kiddo seems to want to be understood in his communications so badly. He just doesn't have the skills.  He doesn't have the vocabulary.

Poor momma wants to know what hurts, what will make him happy, and what he would rather eat!
I am finding my calm in that not only is this just a phase, but it's one in which I am given a gift in the opportunity to teach him great communication skills.  For now, we'll keep working on our signs!


Jessie said...

Good luck with weaning! You're probably right with waiting till he feels a little better. We got it down to just one bottle at bedtime and one night I just skipped it and he didn't seem to notice! haha

Oh and what signs are you doing?! I love sign language and we have been doing signs with my son since he was 6 months! It's so fun!

Meg O. said...

Good luck with the bottle weaning! I'm sure that wasn't fun to start with the condition he was in!

Suzanne said...

Well, what's another day with a bottle, or another week or two... there are worse things :) I want to know what signs ya'll are doing, too. I love signing with Kate... it makes life so much easier!! Although, I think that girl would always ask for "more" if I let her!! :)