Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet THIS Momma

I'm thrilled because today, my friends, I'm here:

 I feel so honored to be a part of a group of mamas who support each other, laugh with each other, and share the ups and downs of their lives together. Be sure to stop by today and give Becky some blog love (She's got an adorable 9 month old and some great stories and experiences to share!) and meet the other wonderful women featured in the series.

Looking back I realize that I attached a ton of pics. Sorry guys!  But he's cute right? :)


Anonymous said...

yes, he's totally adorable!

so glad to find yet another mama who is around my age! yippee! we considered the sugar land area when we thought about moving down to houston. we ended up staying where we are now! {north dallas}

Momma StJ said...

Glad to have found you through from mrs to mama! Totally enjoyed your feature- and going to enjoy being your newest follower as well! :)

Stew and Allison said...

Coming over from Beckys blog! :) your little guy is too cute.