Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday Link-Up -- LA Style

I'm cheating on this week's link-up. Sorry Savanah and Erin, BUT I am cheating and recapping my LA trip, so I'm including "real" camera pics as well. I don't think you'll mind; you are both so very sweet!
Last Monday at this time I was well on our way (ok, maybe just a tiny bit into the journey) to Hometown, LA.  The car was packed the night before, and I had wonderful visions in my head of waking up at 5; loading the car with our ice chest full of toddler goodies like organic whole milk (with DHA of course), cheese (have to have cheese), yogurt, and grapes; gently carrying the sleeping child to the car where he'd remain asleep for a few hours into the trip; driving into the early morning hour and making serious headway, thus less having to entertain the backseat boy.

Well, car did get packed and ice chest loaded, but the kiddo--he wasn't so much into continuing his slumber. I left the radio off and tried to politely ignore him so he'd fall back asleep. But leaving current Hometown, TX is on interstate with lots of lights around and lots of big trucks to draw attention. With my fingers crossed while holding the wheel (ok, yea figuratively), all I could do was chuckle as we passed 18-wheeler after 18-wheeler and The Sheriff took out his paci long enough to say "buh! buh." Translation--big! big!
Love that kid.

So he didn't stay asleep, but he was super mellow and agreeable (not that he's ever really not), and I'd consider the same schedule on future trips. In fact, I did the same to come home, but leaving LA was much darker, and I think he dozed off for a while after we left.

The trip itself was a tasty little mixture of fun with family and yucky little virus. Yep, apparently as we drove home a nasty little virus was rearing its ugly head to wreak havoc on our little ball of awesome. (Side note -- he's not really a ball anymore, but more an avalanche of awesome. Another post.) More to come on this little virus later this week, but we stuck it out and lived and learned, and most importantly loved.

This is how we roll at Grandpa and Grammie's house. Literally.

The Sheriff loved rides on the gator, porch trucks, and playing near resting giant dogs!

 He loves dogs...well puppies perhaps. DDD (pictured below) is not so much a pup at least in size. Sweet girl loves kids and wants to protect them and shower them with face kisses. It's not W's style. He needs to be the big guy. Maybe that means he'll make a great big brother one day! I digress. When the dogs (yes, Darcy is just 1 of 4 there!) were resting near his high chair or by his play area, he'd crack up out of the blue at them. I'd love to be inside his head and understand why that's so funny.

When you get to see your grandmother that you haven't seen in forever, totally sober antics ensue:

We headed over to Mamie's house and did some playing with this little guy. What a great "big" cousin with an amazing dad. He shared so sweetly, played so gently, and taught W so kindly. He's such a reflection of my brother. 

The next picture is terribly taken but captures such a sweet moment. Sleep deprived myself and hoping to get W to nap, I had to throw in the towel for a bit before taking The Sheriff to the doctor. Mamie saved the day in pure grandmother style. He was out like a light! 

We didn't take too many pictures this trip, but I learned a lot about myself and how I can be there for our child. Those are the moments that matter.


Natalie said...

Looks like you had a good time even though it started out rough! Glad you got to spend some quality time with friends and family!

Anonymous said...

aww grandma's have such special touch don't they?! glad you guys got to getaway and spend some time with family and friends!! and glad the little man is feeling tons better now!

Erin said...

Whew, I hate that the "journey" wasn't an easy one. At least you've learned something. And, it looks like the rest of the trip was pretty enjoyable!

Thanks for linking up and happy Halloween!

the workaholic momma said...

LOVE the pics - sounds like you guys had a good trip minus the nasty virus:( I'm so impressed at W's road tripping...thats awesome. Y'all need to make a trip to VA to teach Addie how to behave in a car...haha:)

Savanah said...

This looks like so much fun! Sorry the little Sheriff got sick!!!