Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet 16 -- Months That Is

So I'm a little late. There was our LA trip, that yucky virus, the recovery from LA trip and said virus, and then that little October holiday that seemed to keep us pretty busy. So here you are, one month older and just taking on the toddler world. May each new day this month bring smiles to your heart.

If I had to guess... you'll be a dentist or some sort of landscape architect. You love helping Momma brush her teeth, brushing your own teeth, and well, any sort of yard machinery working around you.

You're happiest when... rolling around on a pile of pillows. 

You taught me... that the lyrics to "The Wheels on the Bus" are completely adaptable. For example, some bus rides include monkeys. We even threw the buckles (you know, the straps on the stroller or high chair) on there today to "click click click" all through the town. 

Your belly loves... mac-and-cheese. Who doesn't, right? 

You're still working on... jumping and are getting really close! The scary part is that you enjoy attempting this toddler death-defying feat on the concrete outside. 

The photo that represents you...

One of your feats... You've now added "apple," "uh-oh," and "up"to your repertoire. I think the next couple of months holds great things for your speaking, and we can't wait to hear all that you have to say. 

What I want you to know... you are so smart! I'm fairly certain that all parents believe this about their own children, but because I think you are this smart, you won't get away with less than your best at school. I kid, but seriously, your memory amazes me daily. Colors, letter, shapes, animals, people....it seems like I point something out once or twice and you've got it! 

If all else fails... sing and dance! 

New to you... your interest in letters. It's fun to watch you play with your magnet letters and call them all "buh" but you better believe you know how to pick out the A, B, C, R, and sometimes H. 

A favorite day... The day we got back from our LA trip. It was just nice to be in our house with you kiddo. 

Your jams are... "What are you Feeling?" and "Pumped Up Kicks." Don't judge. We can change the lyrics. Readers, beware of playing this song and don't say I didn't warn you when all day you are asking everyone around you "what are you feeling?" in this sing-song way!

My heart melts.... in two ways. I love when you wrap your arms around me while you are resting your head on my shoulder and falling asleep. You even want to have your arms over me as if you are holding me. I know some day you will have a wife of your own to hold, and I hope you learn from me just how important it is to guard a woman's heart this way.

And then there's your hand-holding (more like finger holding) but I just about die every time. 

Piglet and Wyatt: Piglet kindly stepped aside for W's Jedi Master to stand in for Halloween.

We love you W and always wish you enough!


Nicole said...

That was so sweet! What an awesome idea to remember all the little things!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

Jumpijgnis very hard to do! Annabelle did not get the concept until she was almost 3! She is very uncoordinated just like her mommy:)

the workaholic momma said...

Happy 16 months, W!!!

We share a love for mac n cheese...its only the best thing in the world:) Those pics of him are too cute - esp. the airplane one!!

Natalie said...

It's in a kid's DNA to love mac n cheese isn't it? Awww he's such a sweet and smart boy!