Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving -- Dear Edition

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a "Dear ...." post venting about trivial matters, and yes, sometimes those things still annoy the heck out of me, but today is about gratitude. It's holiday time, and I'm feeling the joy, so.....

Dear Toddler,
Thank you for your recent increase in babbling. There is no other explanation for this noise than simply music from heaven coming down to grace us with its joy. And yes, this includes your response to "What does the pirate say?" which, yes, matches your noise for identifying the letter "R."

Dear Husband,
Thank you for your free-spirit. You embrace the little things like taco night and get unmentioned pop station songs stuck in my head after singing them all morning. You can thank me later for mentioning that little nugget.

Dear Moms Group,
We don't get to many events and are more "newbies" to your group, but I'm so thankful for the fellowship when we make play dates. It's such a joy to watch The Sheriff with other kids.

Dear Library,
Thank you for such cheap late fees. We can't be on top of everything all of the time.

Dear Mom Friend,
Thank you for taking time to offer your photography talents to shoot some family pictures with wind that was driving us all crazy and a toddler more interested in mulch! The pics are beautiful, and I am so thankful to have this moment in our lives captured.

Dear Life,
Thank you for providing new opportunities each day for me to practice the patience for which I pray. (I know; that sounds fancy, but I just can't end that sentence with a preposition.)
It seems like I haven't quite gotten it down yet, so you offer no hesitation in handing out extra practice.

Dear Husband (yep, you again),
Thank you for reminding me how blessed we truly are and not judging me when I get overwhelmed and feel otherwise.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for listening to my problems and giving suggestions to work through them. They are not life's greatest struggle. I have been truly blessed, but you treat every phone call like it's the most important conversation. Thank you for providing an example for me to grow into for The Sheriff.

Dear Readers,
Thanks for reading and commenting and writing your own glorious little tidbits of life to share with the rest of us!

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! Now go enjoy some turkey and pumpkin pie.


Anonymous said...

aww those are great things to be thankful for! happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

Cole said...

Great list! Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicole said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! Can't wait for a meet up soon.

The Femats said...

Cute Idea!!