Thursday, November 3, 2011

They Don't Tell You in Mommy School

There is this nasty little virus oh-so-creatively named hand-foot-mouth disease. Yea, no one told me about that@#$#! Or that I'd be taking pictures of my kid's legs that look like they scary Google images pics when you are searching for what's wrong with your child.  Or that I'd be sending those pics to my mom friends to figure out the mystery rash. Or that this nasty bug would rear its head on our road-trip to the homeland. Or that said virus would leave my poor baby's skin broken out for the likes of a week to ten days.

So I'm telling you! Don't Google it. Like I said, it's nasty! But apparently it's the new chicken pox. W just has a really bad case. Good news is that his rash is mostly on his legs and not so much in his mouth (knock on wood!) so he's still eating and drinking. Poor fella (and momma) missed the fun of Halloween weekend, but we'll have to make up for it next year. A wagon ride to see the sights is as far as we'll get. Maybe, just maybe, we can get him to wear his costume.

All that being said, the kiddo is a trooper. While at home, we did do a lot of this:

The above scene also took place all night!

I'll spare you his whining pics, and yes, I'll also spare the pics of his breakouts. But those pics could land me on Images..... Nah!

But he couldn't help but be a boy and partake in his usual boy active sweetness either! We made sure to scope out Mamie Jewel's neighborhood for pumpkins, scarecrows, and of course, Tiger flags!

And then we played lots under the shady tree. Apparently putting leaves in and out of a bucket is captivating.

Seriously, does this look like the face of a sick toddler?

May your child never, ever manage to contract this "disease," but he might. Quite a few of our friends' kids have gotten it. The good news is that, like chicken pox, it should be a one-time deal. I guess now I know!


Am I Really Grown Up? said...

Annabelle has gotten it two or three times. She never gets the rash part only the mouth part. There are these little white bumps all inside her mouth and sown her throat. The doctor told me it feels like your worst sore throat times ten. It's so not fun.

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness...poor poor W:( I've heard of this hand-foot-mouth disease but never knew exactly what it did. I hope he gets better soon!!!

Ashley Paige said...

Aww, poor W and poor Mama!! A few of my mom-friends have suffered through this with their kids- hoping W feels better really, really soon!! Hugs!

Lindsey said...

M had it in his mouth last year - wouldn't even nurse. Poor Sheriff! I hope gets back to normal very soon. HFM is no fun at all. :(

Natalie said...

Oh my! I had never heard of this until now. This sounds terrible. I hope he gets better soon!

Erin said...

Omg, never heard of this before! How is that possible?? And I will take your work for it and stay far far away from googling this!

Hope it clears up soon!

Maura said...

oh my gosh, that's horrible! i've never heard of this i hope he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

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The Femats said...

My baby got it too :( On his arms, legs, AND mouth! He had blisters on his throat and on his gumline. Poor babies!