Friday, December 16, 2011

Hustle and Bustle

 ***So.......I began this post over 2 weeks ago. Obviously it hasn't been published. Then there's the little fact that the last post is W's 17 Month post (which was late, but still), and it's time for his 18 Month post. We've been busy; we've been tired; we've been Christmas-ing. So I'll go ahead and finish this up and put it out there and cross my fingers that I can get some productive blogging done sometime over the weekend! 

I love the Christmas season and all of the busy-ness that accompanies it, and you throw Pinterest and fabulous mom bloggers doing amazing things into the mix, and we've got ourselves a problem. BUT, I'm happy to report that our family traditions are up and running, and I'm enjoying every sweet moment seeing it again through the eyes of a child. Yes, that's the cliche for us first-timers, but indeed, the statement holds much truth. I'm finding myself feeling more childlike, more ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

I'm finding myself reflecting on the journey of Mary and Joseph and the unbelievable faith they must have had. Could I do the same? What can I do to be a more willing, more trusting follower this year?

I'm also attempting to savor the little things, and even more than that, really notice the little things. Yesterday was a humid, hot day here in the South (you would never guess Christmas is around the corner), and in a brilliant mom move I promised The Sheriff a trip to the park.  The moment I walked out of the door I knew we wouldn't spend much time there. Everything was damp from the humidity. Honestly, I could have just strolled around and avoided the park completely and he wouldn't have cared, but I know they understand more than they let on so I didn't want to let him down. I brought a towel and we wiped down everything but the slide was just too wet to go down and I was too nervous to let him climb all over and potentially slip. Instead we found the swings and in typically W style, he requested I swing on the regular swing next to his bucket swing. I let myself swing and just be quiet and in the stillness (ok, so I was swinging and thus not still---the neighborhood seemed still), the rustling of the leaves as they blew down from the trees caught my attention. I pointed it out to W who stared in wonder at this phenomenon. (We are just getting "Fall" around here, folks.) We listened for a while and then left the swings to catch some falling leaves. It was such an insignificant moment, but one I'm surely glad I managed to catch.

We've been busy doing the Christmas thing and capturing memories thought what I hope to be some of our yearly traditions. Taking a cue from Katie's Fall Bucket List, I made not just a winter list of things to accomplish, but family memories that I hope we can do together each year. I'm sure some years we'll tackle them all and others, just manage a few. I like having it up as part of our decor and had to fill the space where that Fall Bucket List stood!

Need some proof?

We hung the lights (Mike and Boone came to help. I spy....a pup!)

We went on a hayride to check out the neighborhood lights with these guys:

Yep, we met Katie and her sweet family! What a treat!

 If there was a neighborhood in which the Most Interesting Man would attend to partake in Christmas lights, this would be the one.

It was hard to catch a great shot while on a moving vehicle, but almost every house did lights and many really did lights!

And then there's this guy. We loved our tree this year. It was the perfect shape and the lights and ornaments filled it nicely. I'm a fan of the simple, and I think each year our tree will be just that--lights and all of our ornaments. Of course, we'll get a few new ones each year to add to the collection. I'm guessing at some point too our parents will ask us to take our childhood ones out of their attics! Nah--the grandkids will need something to put on the tree when we are finally able to make to to LA early enough! 

These two fellows helped to pick it out. Yep, that's us wearing shorts in early December. 

While we didn't hit all of our traditions, no cookies for Santa, in fact, not even a picture with Santa (oh the horror!), we managed a few other treats.

The dip below comes straight from Paula D. Thank me later!

And then there are these nuggets of happiness. Now I've got them on my mind again, and if I remember correctly, I pinned a Nutella version. It's time to revisit for sure!

 Don't get me wrong. This momma isn't all peaches and rainbows. I've needed that kiddo's afternoon naps like nobody's business; I've prayed that those naps last just a little bit longer some days; I've allowed watching Winnie the Pooh Christmas special multiple times to save my sanity.

But Christmas came and went and we were so very blessed. We were even given the opportunity to boost The Sheriff's immune system as we came back from LA with the sickies (again!) Happy New Year y'all. If you are as wild and crazy as we plan to get, well, just try not to drool too much when you fall asleep on the couch at 10:00! 


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

Love this!! It was so fun going on the hayride to see lights even if Mr Landon decided he was done about 1/4 of the way through haha ...sorry I promise he usually isn't like that :/ Hope y'all had a fantastic christmas!!

Natalie said...

Oh yes such a busy time of year! I know it's been so warm...until was in the 20's here..brrr! I love your Christmas tree!