Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Little Things

It's Monday, and I'm exhausted! Where did all of that weekend rest go? Well, there were visitors, giggly ones, princess ones, and newborn ones, and dinners and brunch, and football, and cookie cake, and the not-to-be-forgotten trip to Stimulation City also known as The Children's Museum.

Back to Monday....

It's my birthday! And in honor of my aging, I want to take a few to remember the little things today, right now, this moment.

1. I pray today and offer up any of my struggles for the mothers in hospitals with their injured of ill children and for the mothers at home rising above with strength they never knew they had to care for their babies (little or grown) who can't care for themselves.

2. Questionable decision--my house is quiet for the first time in 4 days and I'm noising it up with Texas MM.

3. Does the Children's Museum not seriously stress anyone else out? Any playgroup activity for me is. I guess we are at the very beginnings of the it's time to learn to share stage, and it's tough!

4. Next year on my birthday, I will unabashedly sing, "I'm thirty-two flavors and then some." Just saying.

5. I plan on making this year is one of zest. Exhibit A--We have a sitter tonight. The idea ran through my head (ok, maybe it currently running) to cancel sitter, grab a bottle of wine, some leftover pizza, my wonderful husband, and hit the couch for an episode from a bad Bachelor season. No! Get out of the house woman! Go! Go!

6. It's now Tuesday. The birthday hype is over, and by hype I mean, facebook notifications have ceased, there are no more boxes to anticipate opening, and the live-it-up date night pressure has been relieved. I love our little family. I mean, freaking love it! At dinner last night we talked about birthdays, and honestly, my heart was wishing to spend the night with both of my boys. Don't get me wrong, a night out for sushi followed by a stop at our own Flying Saucer hit the spot, and I scheduled the sitter. But I can't wait for traditional birthday festivities with our family. Yes, we'll still schedule a date night around the day, but I want that day to be family-filled for sure.

7. Some days I have such the organize-my-life drive. Other days I'm simply content in where I am and who I am but end up feeling a bit lazy about it after spending nap time reading blogs or watching brain-cell sucking reality TV. I think there's a healthy balance that I'm seeking. I know sometimes I need to  unplug from life and plug into some Internet living, but I'm ready to start accomplishing a few things----crafts, some books on the old nightstand, a organized work space, and even some decor updates.

8. So....instead of this list making its way to 10 (originally intended 31, but that's a long freaking list), I'm getting up. (Yea, so is the little guy, but maybe we'll at least fold laundry together!) And did I mention that when he wakes up he lies in bed and sweetly says, "Gag-gy, Gag-gy?" Yes, one day the boy will say Ds, but he's so freaking sweet!


D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

Number 7 made me laugh because it's currently nap time in our house, and instead of tackling then sink full of dishes or the basket full of ironing, I'm reading blogs and contemplating a movie on Netflix. Sometimes we Mommies need a break!

Natalie said...

I hope you had a great birthday! I haven't taken Nolan to the Children's Museum yet...wonder if he would like it? I think we can all relate to #7!

Happiness Is... said...

Happy birthday!

And I love the song 32 Flavors!

Meg O. said...

I'm sorry I missed it but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! HEART YOU!!!!!

Meg O. said...

I'm sorry I missed it but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! HEART YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gah!! How did I miss your big special day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Funny how sometimes playgroups stress me out more than it should excite me! idk why..

and we love the children's museum where you're at!! i've said it before! :) but we went during spring break so it was CROWDED!!!!! i'd go when its less busy...idk when that'd be...but...really fun place!

and for sure #7 is like an every other day thing for me.

haven't been to our flying saucer up here in FOREVER!!

i totally get the whole "lets plan to go out" and when the day comes, i totally just want to veg out on the couch.

wow this turned into a novel!

love you, happy birthday!