Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toddler Eating

I wrote this post Saturday in sheer frustration. He's of course eaten better since then. I realize they go through phases. I realize he's healthy and just fine. I realize I'm not the only one dealing with this. So all is well in the world, my friends. Excuse my weekend venting! 

This post will be short. It will not be sweet.

Toddler eating drives me nuts. My little Sheriff is great. You all know I think the world of him. BUT he is a ridiculous eater. It bothers me to read about all these hefty toddlers downing multiple eggs for breakfast with some sort of carb and fruit and they want animal crackers an hour later. And then we went with friends to an awesome playscape and the kids walked in not noticing the awesome hours of climbing fun but instead asked for their lunch while I had to drag mine to the table. (I don't mean this ugly my friend reading this.) Don't even get me started on that moo cow famous chicken eatery.
Our child doesn't even like animal crackers. He also doesn't like cake. Or icing. Or cookies. Sometimes he'll eat ice cream.


I know that I shouldn't be complaining, but making sure he's growing at the right rate and providing nutrition has always been an issue.

Oh, and did I mention that it's not even 10:00 am on Saturday and not only has he not really eaten (the muse of this post) but he's attempted to hand Cowboy's full coffee cup to him spilling it all over the rug. THANK GOD it didn't spill on him, but geez.

Now I wish I had that Shark you all recommended! Seriously, I almost walked out of the door to by one right away.

Back to eating (and the fact that I said this post would be short), what's the deal with the toddler (I will leave it to mine because apparently yours don't follow suit)? Why does he love and gobble up something, black bean quesadillas for example, at one meal and once I actually buy the ingredients to make for him, he turns up his nose at it?

I have to always have a back up plan in my head because he doesn't just eat what we are eating. Or I find myself making Sheriff-friendly meals for dinner that maybe we didn't want. Don't worry; he decided he didn't want it that night anyway.

Complaining over and handing it to God.

Yes, contentment.

We have a child.
He is healthy. He is happy.
We have a pantry and icebox stocked full of delicious goods.
We have means to clean up after ourselves.
We have the ice cream, cookies, cake, etc. that he doesn't eat all to ourselves! ;)


Natalie said...

The toddler habits drive me batty! Nolan loves yogurt then he doesn' he likes it again. He is not a huge meat eater so he still gets a fruit, a veggie, and then some type of protein for his meal. So he's not really eating off our plates exactly but he's eating healthy. I think he just likes simple foods etc. But one day he loves carrots now he hates them...then he hated green beans now he likes them????

Momma StJ said...

Aubrielle REFUSES to eat chicken. I'm a picky eater myself, but I have made sure to not be picky with what/how I feed her. I think she ate enough to stay alive for the last three weeks. She even shunned bananas for awhile and lived on corn. Sigh. I hope your little one isn't chewing something then spitting it out on the living room some little crazy child I know....You are not alone momma!

Happiness Is... said...

Eating is hard! Thatcher won't touch most foods, and I don't get it. The kid is almost a year and still wants pureed everything. C'est la vie!

Nicole said...

We could trade for a day. :)

Today they asked me why I always wanted coffee, in turn I asked them why they always wanted a snack. I know it's frustrating, but W is so very normal. And when he does eat, he eats much better than mine.