Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Shout-out

I don't typically post on Saturdays, but here we are, two Saturdays in a row with a little bit from yours truly. I'll take it that you don't mind!

In my absentmindedness and computer issues when we returned from LA, I forgot that I wanted to give this handsome guy his blog debut:

Blog world, meet Cooper, son of two very dear friends of ours in LA. We were so blessed to get together with my friend Ann (called "Ann Ann" by the Sheriff for Aunt Ann) on our LA Spring Break trip.
It was so hot, but C was such a trooper as Wyatt swung for what seemed like hours as the mommas caught up a bit. Unfortunately we missed hanging out with C's sweet sister, but we'll catch up next time.

I totally forgot to take out the camera, but we had enough to keep up with (snacks, towels, strollers, and oh yea, the kiddos). So I texted Ann later that we needed some Cooper pics not only to include in our recap post but for W to recall as people we consider family.

I received these later that day, and seriously, is he not adorable. What a happy wee bit!

And I guess Cooper is going to share this shout-out as we brought C one of the onesies that I scored in Allie's holiday giveaway from Mommy's Baby Boutique.  Allie is fantastic and inspiring and a new momma (again!), so if you aren't a reader, hop on over. The tie onesies I ordered as my prize are so stinking cute. Evidence below:

I don't think he's of Irish descent? Right Robby? But he sure did rock that St. Patty's outfit! Hope to see y'all soon!


Faith said...

Aww Cooper is a handsome little man!!

Erin said...

What a handsome little man! Glad you had fun catching up with a friend! Happy weekend!!

Erin said...
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Erin said...
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