Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday, Sweet Thursday

Today's just a hodge podge of random, so enjoy!

*I say Thursday, sweet Thursday because that means almost Friday. The Sheriff is in rare form this week and really finding his place in this family and in this world and it's not coming without its struggles. There may be a molar bothering him; there may be side effects of being on antibiotics. Regardless, he's one strong-willed and physically strong little guy. Today's meltdown upon leaving the mall left me sweating through my shirt and hair looking like I just ran a 5K. I texted hubs telling him I needed a drink and a shower not necessarily in that order. He suggested a drink in the shower which I did take more time that you might think considering but settled on an apple and unloading the dishwasher. Whomp...whomp...whomp...

*The proper use of a semicolon makes me happy.

*Ummmm, it's March. Can someone pause time for me for just a little bit. Thanks.

*I'm totally missing facebook. I've got things I need to say, no, to shout, to the world. Are y'all missing me? I kid.
Let's take American Idol (which I'm catching up on thanks to the God-given DVR. God invented that right? He surely doesn't want any of us falling to the temptation of greed or lust of commercials right? I'm kidding. Don't smite me Father.) You heard it here first, IF America votes on sheer talent, Hollie Cavanagh wins. Wow, that girl's got some pipes. Well, I thought that until I saw Elise Testone. Girlfriend rocks!

Oh but Momma's loving Reed Grimm (which I why Cowboy believes a dude always wins these things. One like Reed comes along and people like me, as in females, vote.) Anyway, love him. Fella' just needs to get control of his hips. They've got a gyrating mind of their own.

Deandre Bracken--something -- left me thinking, "What just happened there?" and it wasn't in a good way. The judges apparently loved it.

But I miss fb for more than A.I. quips. What's going on in the lives of my friends and family? Guess someone needs to pick up the telephone no?

*Cowboy built the correctly colored Ikea shelf in the office today after exchanging it at lunch. Let's just say his OCD self will be dreaming in "Alleluia White" tonight. Can you tell there are engineer vibes in this house? The Sheriff got giddy happy over this arrangement:

*After visiting Jamielyn's Photography Series and a one-on-one tutorial from the hubs (come on, kids, it's about the camera. And not in that way!!), I took out the rebel to play today. Well, the rebel camera and the rebel toddler. 

Holy cow, she has no idea what she's doing. And Daddy will kill her if she drops it! 

Sorry for being kind of a pain today, Momma. I'm super cute, though. 

Come on and swing with me instead of taking pictures. 

Seriously, I'm concerned with you holding that thing. 

I clearly have some work to do, but it's a start. AND I didn't even use that little M button. 

*Can I just say that this gem of deliciousness will be getting happy in my Crock Pot today?

Happy Thursday y'all!


Allie said...

How is it March!?!? Ahhhhhhhhh! I am going through FB withdrawal too! Ugh! At least we have blogging (which I have been slacking at) the pics looks great by the way, cutest little model ever! :)

Lindsey said...

Not sure what it was in particular, but this post made me smile a whole lot!

Joeylee said...

Your son is adorable
I can't believe it's march already!
I missed the girls sing on AI last night hubby had control of the remote & wouldn't share!!

Nicole said...

Your pictures look great. Time just flies by, hate it. Trying to live in the moment, but so very difficult when it just zooms by so fast.

At least your toddler is cute when having tantrums!

Happiness Is... said...

I need Facebook for my work day diversions!

Natalie said...

It is crazy that it is already March! Glad you got the right color shelf and hope those molars make there appearance and quit being such a pain!