Monday, March 26, 2012

Toddler Sandwich Tricks

I'm certain that I'm not the first Momma to fancy up food in order to get it successfully into the belly of a child. Come on; you've all seen Pinterest!

So this will look like child's play compared to those Mommas, but let's just say that all of my driveway chalk doodle practice has paid off.

W has always been pretty good about sandwiches which I can appreciate as it's my go-to lunch, AND they are so easy for traveling.
From an early finger food age The Sheriff enjoyed what I lovingly dubbed "cheese bites." I took a slice of bread, placed a half piece of cheese inside, folded it over, and squished it together. I cut this gem into toddler finger-sized squares and was a toddler chef extraordinaire. Well, not really, but they worked. Dip those puppies in Wholly Quac or hummus, and you are reaching all-star status.

It's this sandwich history that brings us to today where you find me serving up a little something like this:

It's a cop-cur!!

Yes, my friends, grab two slices of whole wheat bread, spread a thin layer of your favorite organic peanut butter inside, smash it together pretty tightly, and grab a small but sharp knife.

You've got edible artwork to create!

And when you are finished, accessorize with fruit, vegetables, whatever you want. We like to put pieces in the cockpit over and over as he eats them.

This "recipe" is totally adaptable. Blog reader, meet black bean, cheese, quasi quesadilla copter.

The picture is terrible, but you get the idea. Use waffles, tortillas, breads, pizza dough, whatever you want and make your wee bit's latest obsession.  No cookie cutters needed. Just grab a knife and get after it.

I've got this little guy signing "eat eat" for the arrival of a cop-cur sandwich!

Happy Monday y'all!


Natalie said...

Ha ha how fun! I'm sure W is loving all the fun foods :)

mom said...

I am hungry now !