Thursday, April 26, 2012

PSA -- Put Down Mr. Grey

Ladies, just for a night. Ok, not the whole night; that's asking a little much. I read the books; I get it. I promise he'll be right there when you get back.

And your PSA -- It's the first day of the NFL Draft!

Pardon the mess! 
 "NFL what?" you ask. "And there's more than one day of this mess?"

Yes, the first day of the Draft, the day 32 teams (give or take based on trading for picks and whatnot I suppose) select a new, hopefully fruitful, playmaker for their team. (Cowboy is reading this going, "fruitful? No one uses the word fruitful" to talk about these guys.)

Regardless, yes, what used to be just a weekend event is now stretched over a three day period and serves as a nice opportunity to grab a cold beverage, snuggle up with your man (unless he's not so much the sportster), and watch to see which new players you'll be rooting for on your hometown team next Fall.

You don't have to know much; in fact, nothing really at all. Consider it more of a learning experience where you will hear the names of players that just may be front and center come Sundays in October, Andrew Luck in a Colts uniform battling the Texans twice for example.
Plus,  you'll learn such terms as Mr. Irrelevant.

It'll be fun. I promise. Maybe not the draft so much, but embracing someone else's interest. Sure, you can whip out a blog post while watching, play WWF if you haven't already given that gig up, or catch up on emails. I will be! (I am now. We had some extra afternoon play date fun and got home later than expected.)

And Mr. Grey? He's not going anywhere. Well, unless you rented him from the library and then perhaps you are excused. There are due dates on these things after all!

In the meantime, can't wait to see who our Texans grab!


mom said...


Jennifer said...

I always watch the draft with Allen. This year it was fun since I'm an Alabama fan seeing so many players get drafted.

Andie said...

as a native Louisianian, I'm surprised to see that you are a Texans fan! of course, I have friends from Texas (born & raised in Houston) who are avid Saints fans....


the workaholic momma said...

oh yes...I blogged through the draft last night;) The hubs is a Redskins fan so I got to hear all about RG3;)

Hope you guys have a wonderful - draft-filled weekend:)

Anonymous said...

there is nothing fun about the draft!!! what's wrong with you people!!! lol we're basketball peeps in our household but you guys are so cute in your gear!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I'm so glad Hubby doesn't want to watch the draft!!! I LOVE football, but the draft bores me! You however look adorable in your jersies. I will never be able to wear my manning jersey...

Nicole said...

Am I the only person willing to admit that if I had the books, I would not have put them down for anything?