Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toddler Tuesday Linkup -- Easter Edition

I just recently found Jennifer's blog over at Life and the Greenhouse, and I am loving the recipes, but more so, her heartfelt commentary on being a mother.  And now she's got this fun Toddler Tuesday link-up where I can find more ideas for hanging out with The Sheriff (as if Pinterest wasn't enough!), and share things I've tried that have succeeded or perhaps even failed. Come on; you'd want that warning right?

We haven't done much in terms of The Bunny, Easter eggs, baby chicks, and all of that jazz, but he's young. He doesn't get it all, but we did do some Stations of the Cross eggs (the fastest Stations we've ever said mind you!), and did a bit of plastic Easter egg fun. I'm sure we'll dye some real ones at some point this week.

Back to the plastic egg fun.  My inspiration:

We like our painting around here, so this looked perfect. After a trip to Target where we managed to procure more plastic eggs (hey, they were tiny and cute and in the dollar section!), I decided we needed some outdoor painting fun right then and there.

We gathered a crawfish tray which, for those non-LA folks, is a plastic tray. It's not necessary, but wow these things are useful. Instead of multiple paper plates to handle, we had our paint all in one spot. 

Other materials include plastic eggs, washable paint, and construction paper. 

We got to work.

 In one of Daddy's old shirts and with a sweet smile like that, I'd say it was a hit.

And then Momma's crafty side took over. I've seen egg banners all over, so I'm not sure who to credit on this one, but I'll cover my bases and say this isn't an original idea! 

I made an egg template and traced and cut out as many eggs as I could from our painting.  I next grabbed a ribbon and made a festive addition to the side our of fireplace. It's an area in transition right now as we get ready for Easter as you can still see the Lenten decor up there. 

Overall I'm really happy! We had a great time painting, I got my own creative juices flowing, and W knows what an egg is. Ok, he already knew that, but explaining the whole Easter Bunny shows up overnight and for some reason drops off eggs will have to wait until a later date! Perhaps next year we'll try some more complicated painting

And you, yes you, did you see the giveaway posted earlier today? Enter and tell your friends! 


Lindsey said...

M & I are SO doing this! Great idea!

Melissa said...

omg, such a great idea! i might be doing this tomorrow with my little girl! thanks again for stopping by my blog today!

Nicole said...

I really like how this turned out. I love the idea of letting them paint and then cutting it into whatever for displays!

Happiness Is... said...

I love that banner!

Natalie said...

What a fun idea! He did look like he had a blast!

Angie said...

I love this idea! So creative!
He looks so sweet and definitely enjoying himself!!

Amber said...

What a fun idea! Will definitely have to remember this

Anonymous said...

That banner is adorable!!! Yay for painting you are so creative and patient!