Thursday, September 27, 2012

Activity Corner Link-Up -- Magnet Board Marble Track

I've got some energy back (thank you 2nd trimester), but I am so done with hot temperatures that I am determined to stay indoors as much as possible. Lame parenting? Maybe. And we are on a break from the parks for a bit anyway.  (Think back to that post about my active, doesn't necessarily think before he moves toddler.) I digress.

Back to the activity...back to the pin:

Source: via Gaby on Pinterest

And back to our go at this marble track (with lots of pictures):

I grabbed some magnets on my last Michaels trip, and let's not talk about my tp roll hoarding problem. Come on, you never know when you need something like this right?

I didn't look back at the post before attaching the magnets, which had stickers so I didn't have to hot glue anything, but I should have double checked. If you check the original link you can see how she placed the magnets on the sides instead of underneath. I also noticed that her magnets are thicker than the ones I bought.

Someone had a great time explaining just what happens when you drop the marbles in.

W did some track arranging himself but the facts that my magnets weren't so strong enough and that I placed them the wrong way made for some shifty tracks.

We figured it out though, and perhaps our track wasn't as fancy as intended, we had a great hour or so hanging out with our marbles, magnets, and tp rolls. 

Do you want a turn? 

We'll definitely do this again and change our approach a bit. Thanks again for a great link-up!

Raising Bean


Natalie said...

Look slike W loved it!

Mommy Mandy said...

This is such a great idea and looks like so much fun!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Fun! I'd be afarain that my dogs or kid would eat the marbles.

Grace martin said...

this is such a great and simple idea! I'm going to save my tp rolls to do this with my baby girl!

Kelly said...