Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday, so...

So What Wednesday

Go check out Shannon's new look and find out what everyone is saying So What about!
For me? I'm saying SO WHAT that...

*I had my first pumpkin spice frapp. this morning and... Sold, I am not.

*We had our first dentist visit thanks to a little teeth-concrete meet and greet Saturday evening. I refused to bring the camera. My inner dentist's daughter squashed the mama-razzi in me. 

*Both The Sheriff and I most likely ate our daily dose of whole grains with the sheer number of Wheat Thins we consumed at our double park trip yesterday afternoon.

*Three "So Whats" are all I've got. 

Happy Wednesday! 


Natalie said...

I hope W did great at the dentist! I have yet to take Nolan!

Anonymous said...

i hear ya friend. i'm not a fan of the pumpkin spice anything either. what?? no pics at the dentist??? :P

Lindsay said...

To be honest, I'm not a PSL fan either. Every fall I get excited for them and every fall I have one and then I think "ewww not good- it almost tastes burnt". So I think it is more an excitement of season thing {for me} lol.

Laurda Mouse said...

Emergency dentist visit are never fun..but I agree...not a good camera moment.

I love fall and all but pumpkin spice does not make my list.

Love your So What's

the workaholic momma said...

I hope Sheriff's teeth are ok...I'm so nervous about taking Addie to the dentist:/ Hope you guys are having a great week:)