Thursday, October 4, 2012

Activity Corner with Mar -- F is for Fly

I didn't realize Mar was on a great vacation last week and found myself in a one man network with a non-existent (for the week) link-up. This week? Mar's back!

Raising Bean

We found ourselves hanging out with letter F last week and wore out "F is for Fish," with a few Pinterest inspired crafts and activities here and there.

I came up with a new "game" for my aviation-happy boy, and after a morning walk where we looked for things that fly, I flipped through a stack of old magazines, looked back again at the pages I had folded over for future reference, and cut out various objects, many that fly and several that do not.

When my little copilot woke, I quickly made some fluffy clouds and a (pitiful looking) sunshine and threw my objects into a pile.

I'm pretty sure that the little guy thought some sort of electronic device was coming out when I told him that we'd be playing a new game, but he was quite alright once we got started and dug right in.

Directions (in picture form):

If it flies, you tape it up by the clouds:

 If it doesn't fly, tape it down low:

Viola! Just like that, you've entertained your toddler for 7 minutes. 

 For these two smiles, I'd say the 7 minutes was worth it. I couldn't find any beloved helicopters in the magazines, so he drew his version and we taped that up too.

Thanks again for your link-up Mar!

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Julie Rogers said...

Cute idea---my little one would LOVE this idea!

Thanks for sharing!