Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY Toddler Ghost Banner

While I once mentioned September creeping by, October seems to be soaring. Halloween is less than two weeks away! It's practically Christmas Eve. Ok, not that dramatic, but we have been having a bit of Halloween prep fun here and there.

The Sheriff is quite interested in ghosts this year, cute ones of course, not the cryptic, give you bad dreams kind. I had all of these materials lying around (come on, who doesn't keep 20 t.p. rolls "just in case?"), so one all-too-hot afternoon, our ghost banner was born. 

You'll need:
Toilet paper rolls
Coffee filters
Black marker
Hot glue gun (You can use regular glue but would take a while to dry)
Ribbon to hang (optional)

1. Draw ghost faces with your little person on the filters. I helped with most of them but let W have a free for all with the marker too.

2. Cut t.p. rolls in half so your filters will fit over them.

3. Put a ring of glue around the tube and stick down onto the center (ish) of the coffee filter. I let the toddler help, but of course taking a picture, wielding a glue gun, and keeping a toddler's fingers burn free weren't going to happen simultaneously.

Add a bit of extra glue around the sides.

Stick everything down!

We had made at least 10 ghost when I decided to grab some black ribbon and hang up our new friends.

Easy right? Whether you are stuck down South inside because it's still so stinking hot, or up North and needing a break from fabulous Fall weather at pumpkin patches (yea, I'm jealous!), grab your tp roll stash and get to ghosting.


Nicole said...

Super cute. Your stash came in handy! We made Moses out of toilet paper rolls, which typing that just doesn't sound right! Regardless, they are so cute.

Grace martin said...

so cute! you make me want to do more crafty things with my little one!