Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Garage, Some Trains, and A Reminder for Momma

Being pregnant with a toddler is no joke. I don't have to tell many of you, and I know I'm not the first woman and won't be the last with zero energy at various moments throughout the day. Exceptionally bad, though, seems to be the hour (ok two hours some days) before J gets home from work, and you know, this isn't really a pregnant issue perhaps. There's just something about that time of the day.

Our usual routine is to head outside, and one day last week we did just that. But we brought some friends, and Momma made a chalk train track.

We drew a helipad and train sheds, made a tunnel out of scrap wood pieces hanging about, and even included a drawing of Cranky the Crane. 

And the result was a happy toddler and a Momma reflecting for a bit while also playing along and cursing herself for drawing the track so damn big that I had to actually crawl around in order to drive whatever train The Sheriff delegated to me for the moment along the whole thing. 

Within those feelings of laziness, I reminded myself that these moments are why God lent this little boy to me. These moments are why He blessed me to be a stay at home mom right now.

This fast-moving,  train-loving, helicopter-obsessed two-year old counts on me to prepare his meals, change his diaper, and help him to sleep, but he also depends on me to share passions, invent new games, and play in imaginary worlds where we crawl around a garage on a warm afternoon talking in cartoon train voices and sharing the joys of each other's company.


Natalie said...

You are such a good momma!

Nicole said...

You are the best mom!! I am feeling super bad for wanting to nap while Snax plays! And I'm not pregnant!!

Elizabeth said...

You know, I just posted last night about how I texted a friend that the 2 hours between when I get home from work & when my husband gets home from work are the hardest 2 hours of the day!! Very creative with the train track!! Today, Addison & I are going for a walk around the neighborhood as soon as I get home! It will do us both some good after our meltdowns last night.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mama! Your boy has one special mama :)

What a wonderful idea, I will keep this in mind for my son!

Happiness Is... said...

So cute! I think fresh air is good for the soul at that time of day!

Kerry said...

Hi Jenn!! Such a sweet post, great days are the ones we spend with our babies. So good to hear you are keeping well albiet tired. I know what you mean about those couple of hours in the afternoon though...uggh!