Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our "Two" Truths

Our Sheriff,

Without monthly updates, it can be easy to take for granted the little nuggets that make you who you are at certain moments in your two-year-old life.

Your shining light is your innocent and kind-hearted personality. I know these days are fleeting, and I pray you maintain your gentle heart. I also pray you always recognize your own worth and the worth of others as children of God and stand up for it. 

You sure can be silly, and you are definitely so much fun to be around. From your love of trains and helicopters to your fascination with gloves, be they oven mitts or outdoor work gloves, the only "accessory" you really find appealing, you make us smile as your imagination grows.

We love listening to all you have say even if it involves the same question/answer conversation over and over again. Your sweet voice makes me smile as you pronounce "po-pice cars," and "ano ter" one  or "o ter" one.  And you continue to surprise us with the amount of songs you can sing and phrases you manage to pick up, my favorite being "pistons are pumping" which must have come from a Thomas episode.

You are such a blessing, so full of little bits of warmth, and I am thankful God let us as parents borrow you.


Meg O. said...

What an incredibly sweet post! He is so adorable :)

Lindsay said...

What an adorable little man you have on your hands- too cute! Great photos! I hope you are recording how he talks- omg I would eat it up.

Nicole said...

He is such a sweet boy. Miss you guys!