Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby Loves to Run

A few weekends ago we went out for a morning walk, Momma donning whatever fit comfortably and The Sheriff, of course, dressed as he claims, "an LSU Tiger!" from head to toe.  I didn't get past the driveway before running back in to grab the camera in hopes of capturing the day's blessings.

I need days like this and pictures like these to remind me to cherish where he is right now, at almost 2.5, at almost going to be a big brother, as the first born.

He's got a quirky way of holding up his arms when he walks around wearing long sleeves.

There is more depth in his eyes than anyone I've known. 

He grabs onto a concept, like being a triceratops as taught by Daddy, and makes it too cute for words. 

While he looks so much like his Daddy, I know this child has genes from my side of the family.

Nothing has to be chasing him. He doesn't have to have a goal; there doesn't have to be a ball in sight.

Baby, ahem growing toddler boy, loves to run!


hi. I'm Faith. said...

jenn! these are such GREAT photos! he is so handsome! he'll be holding (and kicking) a soccer ball soon enough. :)

Jacob said...

Or a football. :)

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

Great pictures!

hi. I'm Faith. said...

momma played soccer- so i say he needs to start with soccer! :) that's for your hubby ^ there..

Anonymous said...

So Adorable!! Your pictures are stunning :)
Looks like he love the outdoors too!

Andie said...

great photos jenn! you have the exposure right on... and of course, your subject is just too precious! :)

Natalie said...

He's so cute! Love those puppy dog eyes!

Nicole said...

These pictures just make me smile. You're one blessed girl.

Elizabeth said...

Love these pictures! They definitely show his little personality!