Monday, November 19, 2012

Candy Apple Turkeys Meet Park Play Date -- Hey That's Pin-tastic!

When I saw our very own link-up hostess, AP's Candy Apple Turkeys, the wheels started turning for planning a play date to craft these gobblers.  We snuck it in just in time before the busy holiday week begins and also just in time for a Thanksgiving themed link-up.

AP's instructions are pretty clear. We just swapped out the spice drops for fruit slices (the candy of course, not the good-for-you stuff!) and cut each "slice" into three pieces.

You can tell AP has done this a few times in her crafty childhood. As you can tell from the picture above, a few of us moms demolished a few circus peanuts and a handful of toothpicks to get our birds standing. What you can't see is how many toothpicks I broke off inside of the apple as well!

In other lessons learned, I discovered how addicting fruit slices can be! I've been taking off one at a time this week so that W wouldn't realize they were gone!

The weather was gorgeous for this park play date, and we had a great time seeing little personalities emerge as the kids (and mommas!) indulged in some crafting fun.

Gum drop happy L shows off his turkey!

And M was our little hard worker adding touches of her own.

 That's one proud Momma!

 Such a sweet smile (and gum drop lover!)

This might be my favorite picture from the day!

 And I couldn't resist ditching the jacket for a couple of pictures of my little turkey in the shirt my mom made for our celebrations. We are so spoiled by her talents and grandmother love!

Happy Monday y'all! May your Thanksgiving Day preparations/travel be stress free!


faith yates said...

this is beyond awesome! looks like so much fun!!! and that pic of W towards the end! looking up at the camera! SO HANDSOME!!!!

Mommy Mandy said...

Adorable!! And what a great idea for a playdate!

Andie said...

Your mom did a great job! that's an adorable shirt! :)

Kenzie said...

What a wonderful idea!!! These are so beyond precious and you captured some priceless pictures! Happy Thanksgiving week... I hope it's spectacular! XO!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I love those! My daughter made them last year in preschool, but we've never made them at home!

Erin said...

Those apple turkeys are almost as cute as W in that turkey shirt!!

Kristina said...

What a great idea for a park playdate! I might do something like this with a Christmas theme soon!

Elizabeth said...

How cute!! Love that it was at a playdate too. Oh how I can't wait for playdates! :)