Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm trying to notice them more.


Moments in my life that sometimes feel like a beautiful dream, like a reality I hoped for as a young girl but wasn't completely sure would be mine. I should have known. I am a firm believer that God places our deepest desires in our hearts for a reason. I think He wants them to be ours and wants us to use our time and talents to achieve them.

I'm not saying all dreams come true. I wanted to be an Olympic figure skater. Never mind that I grew up in South LA and to this day have never set foot on a block of frozen ice wearing a boot with a thin blade on each foot. Then at 15 I thought I'd play Olympic soccer someday. This being the time when Mia Hamm (about age 15) was blowing minds across the world. Yea, for me, it wasn't happening.

I believe God put those dreams there too. After all, competing in gymnastics (my closest run with figure skating) and playing soccer led me through experiences and to people that I needed in my life, moments that shaped me.

My mom, now famous in our little household for dropping off boxes of junk to sort though memories, brought a box of books on her recent trip for us keep for our own children to enjoy one day or sell for far not enough in return at Half Price Books. In that box I found this little gem.

A few weeks ago while flipping through I stumbled upon this page.

Of all of the choices.

And here I am today, a mother. One sweet little boy, a baby watching out for us from Heaven, and another little Cajun Shrimp growing bigger every day all look at me and see a mother.

It's my dream as reality when W hustles across the parking lot to the library holding just three fingers of my hand, looking at for cars, and alerting me when one is anywhere in the vicinity.

I am so blessed that it's my reality that he can sing "You Are My Sunshine" with me in the few moments before he's restless in my arms and would rather fall asleep in the comfort of his bed.

God placed these dreams within me and has given me the grace to fulfill my role. I pray that I may always cherish this blessing, this responsibility, and seek to pattern my own life as Mother after the Blessed Mother.


Lindsay said...

Awe! Such a touching post. Looking back at old memories are so fun.

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I love this post. I often find myself Wishing I could freeze a moment, or a day, or a week. I always wanted to be a mother, but I don't think I ever knew that it would really become my dream job.

courtney - larking. said...

No. Way. That's the kind of affirmation any mom needs, I think! Living the dream :)

Andie said...

that is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

I can remember lining my 'babies' up beside me on the bed at night. I always knew I wanted to be a Mother. Some nights I would question my co-sleeping abilities b/c they were always zonked out on the floor the next morning haha!!

Nicole said...

So sweet!

And I love that your mom decided to get rid of, I mean bring you some goodies. Sounds like something I might do.

Elizabeth said...

This is so sweet! It made me tear up!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

This is so sweet. You are blessed to be called mom by your sweet babes, but they are blessed to call you that too.

Christine Wright said...

No way! I wanted to be a figureskatergymnastsoccerplayer just like KristiYamagucchi-DominiqueDawes-MiaHamm! As cool as they were to a young girl, though, I also wanted to be just like my mom. That desire has gotten stronger as I've gotten older. I feel like I could need live up to her (although she tells me stories that I don't remember... They make me not be so hard on myself :). Being a mother is a wonderful dream, and it's amazing to see it come true.

Kerry said...

Awww such a sweet post Jenn!!
I love that you found that old book, that would have brought a smile to your face for sure! I also loved how you wrote that God places our deepest desires within our hearts so that we can strive to reach them...Beautiful!

Erin said...

This is so sweet! What wonderful blessings in life :)

Erin said...

This is so sweet! What wonderful blessings in life :)