Monday, November 5, 2012

That's What I Love About Sundays

Happy DST! Too chipper? Yep, I agree. While we didn't get woken up ridiculously early yesterday morning, the day did seem like one of the longest in a while. Let's just thank our lucky stars that it happens on a weekend when two parentals can "enjoy" it.

I was anxious to see how the day would play out and woke up tired after staying up past my usual bedtime and still in disbelief about LSU's Saturday night in Death Valley loss. My prayer before bed was literally, "It's a football game, God, just a game. Please let me remember that." I wasn't devastated or angry, but it's just one of those things that hangs with you.

W did wake up earlier than usual so we headed to early Mass, and J captured our lastest Sunday morning tradition:

While I finish packing snacks and most likely look for my shoes, the boys head outside for a weekly "Garage Door Pic" capturing The Sheriff before Mass. I'm anxious to see what project J comes up with for putting these all together after a year of pre-Mass moments. (Please excuse our style this morning. We typically try a bit harder for Church days, but sometimes you just have to get out of the door!)

Although late, Mass was actually pleasant and both J and I were able to hear bits and pieces of the readings and homily which is a rare gem. And then we were done. At 8:30.

Sooooo how far away is nap time at this point? W was pleasant all day, so although lacking normal sleep, at least he wasn't a booger.
After a Starbucks trip where Momma had her first red cup of the season and the pumpkin scone I've been craving all week and W had his "Sunday Milk" (thank you Horizon), we returned home to head out in the wagon to watch the turtles and pit-stop at the park. I love to step back and watch W outdoors. Kid is in his element.

After a B.L.A.T lunch and nap time errands for me, I played the pregnancy card and convinced J that we needed Icees while spending more time afternoon tossing a football around with The Sheriff and playing hide and seek. I read somewhere recently (and apologize for not recalling the source) about doing something as a mom every day that makes us feel like a kid and silly again. Throwing the football with J and then hiding from Wyatt was just that. The weather was tolerable outside; I will probably be sore from throwing tomorrow; W's giggles when he finds you are priceless.

And in the meantime? A roast was getting happy in the Crock Pot all day for French Dip sandwiches for dinner. Add that to W learning about and attempting to do jumping jacks after dinner and his adoration of the new shoes I scored at Payless to the point of wearing them proudly until bath time, and my heart, and belly for that matter, are full.

Sometimes, Sundays like these are just what we need.


Kat said...

I love Sundays...and playing the pg card. HAHAHAHA I can't seem to be able to resist ANYTHING when I'm pregnant. Yesterday, after spending all of Saturday restocking our fridge and freezer, I decided that I wanted Chinese food. lol

Elizabeth said...

Yesterday did seem really long. :)
Glad you enjoyed your Sunday!

Andie said...

I LOVED that yesterday seemed like an extra long day! :) Perfection!

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh how I feel you on the loss Saturday night. I was just in utter disbelief. Crushing. At church on Sunday (where everyone knows I am the biggest LSU fan), people kept wanting to tease me about it --- ummm so not in the mood yet! lol. It IS just a game, but dang!

Nicole said...

8:30! Done with mass? Impressed. We got earlier too, but took our time. In fact, I had A and M finish their homework before leaving for mass. We spent two hours at Costco, had lunch way late and then still ended up going to sleep way too late. Hopefully, tonight we'll be better.

Great seeing you. Both you and W look great!

Julie Rogers said...

Don't you love the pregnancy card?!?! Sounds like a great Sunday!


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I know how you feel about the football game. I felt like that after UT lost to FL. It wasn't as close but that stayed with me for days. After that I just got used to feeling sucky on Saturdays...