Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Dash -- O Christmas Tree

We met the first weekend of December with a decorated tree and lights up outside of the house.  While I think it's important to give Thanksgiving its time, I wanted the "hard" parts done before December began this year so we could have the entire month to enjoy our decorations and have time to take part in holiday festivities throughout the city and with friends.

We picked out our tree before pulling back into our driveway from our Thanksgiving trip to LA and had it mostly complete by the end of the weekend. There are so many traditions I'd love to include with tree decorating, but if there's one thing I've learned this Christmas season, it's that we don't have to do everything right now. I am learning from our toddler that simple can be best.  Traditions can be flexible;  one part of preparing to celebrate Christ's birth is spending time together in peace, love, and joy. 

W commenced tree decorating with his newest ornament. 

Reuniting with this Hobby Lobby purchase brought nothing but smiles.

Of course before ornaments make their tree debut, they must be tested and toddler approved.

Trains included.

Although not quite clad in anything picture worthy, I'm thankful J captured our decorating moments this year as W needed a bit of assistance in getting the ornament loops around a tree branch.

Tiny hands, symbolic duck...

Our perfect Christmas tree!

I love a fully decorated tree with garland and mesh and bows and lights galore and have such an appreciation for those of you with the eye for themed and matching trees. Our style, though, stays true to what I remember as a child: a tree full of ornaments, each one holding a family memory, each one a link from past to present. 


Sarah said...

Gorgeous Christmas Tree! Love J's helicopter... might have to grab one myself! New follower and hope you'll come on over and say hi! As a fellow mother of toddler boy, I can always use advice from others!

Nicole said...

Looks great! Our tree is mostly a gypsy tree although we do have a definite Snoopy theme going. :) And I like that. It makes me happy and reminds me of when i was a kid.

Natalie said...

I love your tree...and looks like W had a blast helping!

Andie said...

I love trees that hold ornaments that hold a special meaning. We have ornaments for every trip we've been on, special occasion, etc. and every time we pull out those ornaments, they have a story to tell. I Love that! :)