Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life in an Instant -- 2012 Reflection

Although there are a few stirrings of seeking ways to be the best version of myself in my heart, I found a different inspiration for today in J's offhand comment that he enjoys looking back on the past year instead of focusing solely on ways to address the new one headed our way.

In that spirit I looked back to pull a few of my favorite Instagram moments thinking there would be one standout each month, but as it turns out, there are so many great moments that I love looking at again. It's interesting to notice the constants as our W has grown and changed so much over the year.

(In no particular order) he's always loved being outside.

And eating outside--even better!

If there is anything to define the last year, it's a boy and his love of helicopters. 

My heart melts at how excited he gets to share new (and old) experiences with us.

And that face. I love his sweet smile, his silly smile, and one of the most handsome set of eyes I've ever seen.

2013 will bring a new face to our family, and I couldn't be more excited to see what similarities and differences our children will have. May God bless you and yours as you look back on your own 2012! 


hi. Im Faith. said...

aww great picks friend! loved seeing W grow thru this reflection! happy new year!

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

He is so stinking cute. Basically, your 2012 was the Year Of Adorable.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Happy new Year friend!! I love this post and all of its cuteness and helicopter-ness! Ha!!! I just know 2013 will be amazing for you!!!

Nicole said...

Love this post. Those eyes...

Anxious to catch up. Happy New Year, my friend!

Natalie said...

Isn't it amazing how big the boys have gotten this year? It's crazy how they looked like babies in the beginning!

Kar @allmylove.mommy said...

It looks like you had a wonderful year with a super adorable lil boy!!

Happy New Year!!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

He is just toooo cute!!!!