Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Right Now

In about a week our lives will turn the pages, our hearts will grow more than we could have imagined, and we will welcome a new baby into our family. Before we find ourselves in those new moments, I just wanted to take this time to remember where we are, big or small,


Our household thrives on anything the band fun puts out. Seriously, they have the best afternoon dance party/sing out in the car/put us in perfect mood songs.

My everyday maternity jeans are almost completely worn in the knees and might just rip in the next few days. I take this as a good sign. A) I've been strong and healthy enough this pregnancy to play on the floor with The Sheriff B) Our weather has been great for outdoor activities like chalk runways and plane flying.

My heart seems very content right now. Our family seems very content. I am grateful to be in this place as we prepare to welcome someone new.  I know this peace can only be God's peace. I know that there are friends and family members who have helped to foster this. God placed them in my life, and they answered His call.

W impresses us daily with his silly streaks, intelligence, maturity, (and yes, immaturity--he's still 2.5 after all), and open heart to this whole big brother idea. Granted, he doesn't know the changes headed his way, but he seems to take pride in his upcoming role.

 Check out that super cheese! He's learned to write his own name and could not be prouder.

You don't eat paper leaves while pretending to be characters from The Land Before Time munching on tree stars on Monday afternoons?

Back to RIGHT NOW:

My own emotions range from being so ready to not be pregnant anymore to be incredibly anxious about how our lives will change and what chaos will ensue. End of the road pregnancy aches and pains are affecting me, not to mention the whole lack of fitting into anything!  At the same time, I'm nervous for what's to come. It's like I can't remember not being pregnant.  Thankfully, there's the majority of time that's spent in the middle just being grateful for this gift and waiting with excitement to meet our son or daughter so very soon.

I'm not sure where blogging is headed for me. I question how much our lives I put "out there." I've taken some breaks recently, and it's been nice.  I question my intentions; if I'm not going to shoot for the blog world stars, is there a point to having this little space? And I don't want to achieve mega-blog status. I choose not to spend my time there. Yet, there are posts I look back upon and find myself grateful for their existence. I love having our family's moments captured in words and pictures. I just don't know that these memories need to be online.

My crafting spirit has enjoyed a few weekend days spent with Mod Podge and sponge paint brushes. The nursery's alphabet is complete, minus a few pieces saved in case we need to "girlie" it up a bit.

The Sheriff's room found itself with a few new pieces as well as we oh-so-slowly transition to a big boy room. When he's still in the crib, I can't quite call it a big boy room yet. More to come on those projects.

I feel so loved by friends and family that showered us with love through a surprise, long-distance book baby shower to build W's and Baby's library. I found this idea so thoughtful because it includes big brother with sweet reminders that yes a new baby is coming, but he's an important part of the family that is growing.

RIGHT NOW, I need to savor every breath.  Changes are coming, good changes, but changes nonetheless. I believe we have so many blessings in store, but I don't want these last few days to pass without acknowledging the gifts within each one.


Meg O. said...

He is SO precious! And we will of course be here to read whenever you decide to write. I can't believe D-day is coming up so soon! And I just love those letters.

Natalie said...

Awww...yes so true momma so true. Blog when you want or don't. You do what is right for you! Can't wait for #2 to arrive soon!

Julie Rogers said...

Can't wait to see the big arrival! Hang in there:)


Elizabeth said...

What a great post! Love those letters! Love keeping up with y'all, but you have to do what's best for you & your family. :)

Erin said...

Sounds like right now is pretty good! I'm so happy you find yourself at a place of peace before welcoming your second little one. God is so good like that. Sending prayers your way :)

Christine Wright said...

Tree stars!!!

Yes, huge changes to your whole family dynamics are coming, but you won't regret it for a minute! You'll wonder how exactly you all got along with just one Little One :)

You always have the option to make the blog private or to print your blog into a book at the end of every year. I'm so awful at making photo albums or scrapbooks. Blogging is my sort of scrapbook. You'll probably be taking a decent blogging break soon, but don't give it up just yet!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

This is so sweet! And so exciting! I love that you were surprised with books for their little library, that is such a great idea! I love reading books to our littles that friends or family gave them, there is something so special about it! :) And yes, you blog whenever you want or are able and about anything you want, we'll all be here to read :)

I'll Love You Forever said...

So darling! Cannot believe you are so close! I enjoy reading your posts, like you said blog posts are fun to look back at read. Hope you always continue.

Happiness Is... said...

Oh I hope you keep writing but I understand. I love the community of blogging but never wanted to be a huge personal blogger hence NOMB. I hope you keep us updated selfishly ... there are bloggers like you who I feel like I "know" as much as you can via the internet so don't disappear!

Nicole said...

Love this post. You are so ready, I love how you are able to enjoy today while anxiously awaiting for tomorrow to arrive. You are always so grateful and it shines through.