Monday, February 25, 2013

This Guy

As our family grows this week, I have to take a moment and be grateful that it's this guy:

It's not by chance that God put him in my life, that God chose him for me to walk side by side with me as a couple, as parents, as friends. God knew I'd need his love, the kind of love that holds you together when the days get long. He's beside me to celebrate life's joys, to grieve when life throws hardships, and to parent in a way that inspires me daily.

I'm so thankful it's this guy!
He shows our little one the magic of flight,

and when I hear him playing and talking with The Sheriff from the other room, I know that it's more than literal. He's showing him how to believe in himself, believe in dreams, and figure out ways to achieve them. 

I know there's nothing this man wouldn't do for the four of us. 

When left with cut up construction paper, a paper plate, and instructions, he helped The Sheriff become his own Simba. 
It takes a real man to wield a bottle of glue with a toddler. 

 I thank God for this guy for being our family's "holder." It's more than just a football he manages to prepare and guard for us daily.


Nicole said...

So beautiful. Thinking of you guys today. Can't wait to "meet" the newest member of the family. He is already blessed coming into the world with you as parents.

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet post!!

Natalie said...

Awww! You guys are going to love being a family of four!

Andie said...

how sweet!

Best of luck today when y'all become a family of 4! :)

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Very very sweet! I hope everything went great!!! I've been thinking about you lately and how you must be getting ready to have that little bit!

Prayers over you as you become a beautiful family of four!